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I feel sad that I don't have a zebra icon.

So, some zebras got loose at the Franklin Park Zoo today.  (I heard about this first because my housemate follows @Occupy_Boston.  Yes, seriously.)

Gawker mentioned that zebras' favorite food is human meat.  Cite your sources, yo.  (Unsurprisingly, Wikipedia does not support this assertion.)
Zebroid is the generic name for all zebra hybrids. The different hybrids are generally named using the portmanteau convention of sire's name + dam's name.
"Sire!"  I was on the phone with Ari and made a comment about fandom portmanteau and animal AUs.

In reading aloud the section on zebra hybrids, I commented that I kept almost wanting to say "Zamboni." 

Ari said, "That's the offspring of a zebra and an ice-skater."

I was like, "I did read a Johnny Weir mermaid AU..."

I couldn't remember the name of the ~French guy in the fic, and search terms like "Johnny Weir figure skating mermaid AU" took me a remarkably long time to achieve success.

Finally successful Google hit was: http://archiveofourown.org/tags/mermaids/bookmarks

That's a bookmark list, so using the Merperson AU tag gets some additional fics (including Inception -- which I have read a number of fics for, because hackthis used to post massive recs lists, and while I have yet to see the movie and probably wouldn't be interested in a male-male 'ship in it if I did, I would have thoughts like, "they're art students? I would read a story about art students" -- and bandom, which has ALL the AUs, right?), including an American Idol mermaid hooker AU, in which not only is Adam Lambert not the hooker but, if I'm reading correctly, there isn't even any sex.  How does this happen in fandom?

(I also clicked on the Fake News RPF tag because I wasn't sure I was correctly parsing it.  Returning to the wrong tab means I had a moment of thinking there was a Stephen Colbert & Chuck Norris mermaid AU.  Rule 34?)
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