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tales from the unnamed house

 Nadia Bolz-Weber 
There are times I wish I were a better house keeper. I want a neat and organized home ? 'tpolygamous
Housemate: "Sister wives usually have their own living quarters."

Housemate [off my look]: "I'm just sayin..."

me: "You with your facts..."
 Debra Avery 
 I need a wife, too. Or perhaps communal living with the right mix of people.  
Housemate: "I think you're gonna find a lot of people who can cook gourmet meals and don't do dishes."

me: "Whereas I DON'T cook gourmet meals, but I *do* do dishes.  Clearly there's a strong market [for me]."

Housemate: "You'll just have to, I don't know, whore yourself out."
 Amelia Fulbright 
 I have wished for a sister wife on many occasions. 'tpolygamouseither :(

Housemate bought Halloween candy today.  Bets on how much will be left come Halloween?

I said I'd probably be fairly well able to not eat any -- but that's because I frequently get free desserts at work.

Housemate: "Yes, you have dessert fairies.  If I had dessert fairies at work, I'd probably eat less of this, too."


me: "You didn't tell me we got Reese's Peanut Butter Cups."

me: "I am reminding myself I have dessert fairies."

Housemate: "It's true.  And I've added myself to the list, as I too am bringing candy into your life."


Subject Line refers to the fact that someone asked what the name of our house is so they could check into it on FourSquare.  (I now have a vague desire for our house to have a name.  Am open to suggestions.)
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