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[church] organize ALL the things

I browsed the chapel bookshelves while Keith and Neil practiced guitar before Rest and re/New tonight. I saw a book on parables, and my first thought was, "Oh, it's too bad we didn't have that when we were doing our Postmodern Parables series." Which then made me imagine a searchable database of all the books we have in the chapel library (there are subject labels on the shelves, and someone sometimes attempts to organize them, but the entropy it is strong -- and they're not really organized within those categories at all [like alphabetical by author's last name or anything -- at least not that I've noticed; though I admit I haven't checked]). I don't know if I wanna do a GoodReads or a LibraryThing. (Knowing me, I might do both.)

I also found a book on Ruth -- which is handy on account of Keith invited me to do an oral retelling of the Book of Ruth for our Sacred Text next week (our current series is "Strangers in a Strange Land").

And there's a series of "Aids for Interpreting the Lessons of the Church Year," including an Advent one -- and hey, it's even Year B (yes, I probably will end up putting together morning prayer services for this Advent).

I was also stoked to notice that there's an Interpreter's Bible full set (yes, I still wanna do Song of Songs for H!PS and still have no idea what to say).


I may have to give up on the Anchor tag in MailChimp for this week's CWM announcement email as I'm not sure how to make it work. [Edit the next morning: And *|MC:TOC|* doesn't work either! *pouts* Oh, wait, I think I managed to figure out what all I'm supposed to do for anchoring across columns. Yes, this is partly my fault for skimming directions, assuming it would all be easy/intuitive. I'm not thrilled with the sidebar links showing up as blue underlined, but I'm disinclined to change that as I never learned how to do that in my previous days on the web (yes, ideally I want them to just show up as plain grey like they are now and italicize when you hover over them).]

Having different accounts open in different browsers is cumbersome, so I was gonna add the CWM Twitter to my TweetDeck (since I'd read something recently that suggested TweetDeck could manage multiple accounts), but TweetDeck keeps giving me an error message when I try it.

[ Edit the next morning: Okay, Cate had recommended HootSuite last time we hung out (for being able to R/T something to multiple accounts at once -- which I actually haven't figured out how to do with it, ironically), and OMG it is so much what I want! Multiple accounts, each in its own tab -- and each tab has a column for your Feed and one for Mentions and one for your DM Inbox. SO MUCH HEART! ]

I think I may need to figure out GreaseMonkey as I keep acquiring multiple accounts (run ALL the things, spearhead [I need a less violent metaphor] ALL the projects); oh, and GMail has a way to be logged in to multiple accounts all at once, doesn't it? Need to look into that as well.
Tags: spiritual gifts: administration, technology trouble

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