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variations on a theme

On the way home from Christmas Eve service, my mom said something about going home and having cookies and wine.
me: "I think I'll pass on the alcohol."
my mom: "You don't need to loosen your tongue anymore."
me: (defensively) "I don't go to this church! These people don't need to like me!"
my mom: "No, I just meant in general. You know how some people regret what they didn't say? You say things; maybe you regret them..."

My mom said that George had said (after my mom had said something about George being hard to read or something): "Elizabeth is like a large print book."


The last love meme I did, I got two very similar comments:
  • "I like that you are so relentlessly and authentically yourself. I don't ever feel like you're putting on a face when I see you."
  • "You are one of the most real people I know. I love having conversations with you."
And right around that same time, someone messaged me on okc, saying in part: "Your profile is very interesting and you seem like a person who can engage in great conversations, blunt but up to the point. To sum it up, you are what you see is what you get."
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