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missing the Smith life

Yeah, i'm home. I start working again soon, so that should help. The space between college life and summer life is an icky place. I feel so unsettled. Once i'm more unpacked and have touched base with more people, as well as spending quantity time at my favorite library, i'll feel much better.

Went to the volleyball game today. (My brother's on JV.) Home against Needham. Apparently we're 1st in the league and Needham is 2nd. JV got creamed, but varsity was a really good game. It ended up having to do a best 2 out of 3, which we finally won. I was really glad i went.

My weekend basically consisted of packing (Everything fit! Woo hoo!) and, once home, sleeping. Lots of sleeping. Sleep is good. Had hash browns and peach juice at Cutter before heading home on Saturday. Yay for a good last Smith meal.

Wanna know what one of my last impressions of Northampton this year was? Rebecca and i went to dinner Friday night and walking down State Street i saw a tall, thin guy wearing one of the Smith rugby shirts. His jacket was obscuring part of it, but it said "oyfriend / r Rugby" and i recognized that as being the Smith "My Boyfriend or Rugby?" (on the back it says "What Boyfriend?" and then has a Smith Rugby logo) t-shirt. Regardless of why he was wearing it, it was amusing on many levels.

Um, i played pool Sunday night (with my mom, my brother, and my brother's friend). Boo to having to pay money (though yay for moms who pay) and also to loud music. I miss the quiet pool room of Lamont basement. I don't know what was up, but i played so off. I blamed the pool cues, even though they didn't feel any different from the ones i'm used to. At least no one else played great, though. We played 4 games and every single one ended with someone winning only because the other person lost (usually by hitting the eight-ball in, but the last game was my mom and i both trying to hit the eight-ball in and me losing because i shot poorly and hit the cue ball in -- even though i had a really good shot at the eight-ball... grrr).

Watched Black Adder with Allison on Friday. British humor is fun. :) And yay to homoerotic subtext benig actual text. You know i'm a Smithie when i'm thinking about the racial implications of the characterizations of the black characters in Chain Reaction, and you know i'm immersed in the slash culture when i read homoerotic subtext into everything, so yay for times when i'm not actually inventing the subtext. (Watched "Goodbye Iowa" on Friday as well, and i am too much in the fanfic world when the Riley/Forrest/Graham slash seems obvious.)

I IMed with 3 people tonight. I feel popular. :)

Joe is coming home the 19-26 and says "indoubetably" we'll hang out. Yay!

(Long scattered entries like this are why it is a good idea to update everyday. Note to self.)
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