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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Iron Man 2

I saw the first Iron Man movie in theatres twice, but I never got around to seeing the second one -- but musesfool's Tumblr is sucking me in to planning to see the Avengers movie, so... I borrowed Iron Man 2 on DVD from CPL today.


I will say that I cried at Happy driving the wrong way on the Grand Prix -- that's love.

And when Vanko started attacking the car I was like, "You can't let him kill your..." and I wasn't sure whether to say "friends" or "family."

(Also, once we see Tony after the crash, I was like, "Tony, you and the suit are not actually literally One -- you do not have Extremis yet. Get out of there. Run!")

I like the reveal that [whatever Natasha's line was about redundancies to prevent unauthorized access] ... that yes we saw Rhodey let himself in to the shop, but that Tony could have kept him from taking the suit ... that it was another part of him giving everything away (and, it occurs to me now, also a part of the whole "legacy" theme).

Tony: "It's not your fault -- I put you in this position."
Rhodey: "I know it's your fault. I just wanted to say I'm sorry."
Tony: "Good; that's all I wanted to hear."

Edit: Also, I kept thinking, "The hammer is my penis."

And after Hammer had brought up the 3rd set of drones I thought, "Don't say the Marines. The Marines will kill you for implying they can be replaced by drones."
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