Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical


I was going to go to a surprise birthday party last night, i really was, but i decided last minute not to. Partly because i wouldn’t have known anyone besides the birthday girl herself (well and laynamarya, but i didn’t even know if she was going for sure).

I’m bad with the social when i actually have to expend effort. I still maintain that i will be dragging all interested parties to my former-roomie’s CD release party this Friday (Hopkins House living room, 7:30pm), though.

And this LJ party thing really will happen. I’m thinking a Saturday night, after Spring Break. Al-Cap (a.k.a. The Biodome) sounds good, largely for my own convenience. This assumes there will be no more than about 40 people there at any given time. Also, food=good. Any suggestions? Should we just purchase chips and soda or what? Thoughts and/or suggestions of any kind relating to this event are welcome really.

I’m debating about whether i should go home for a Dar concert at the Orpheum Saturday April 13. My mom would pay for my ticket and we would go together, though i would pay for my transportation. I’ve seen Dar live twice and i haven’t been blown away, but i do really like the talking she does (largely about where the songs come from, and she has a new album out March 11). And i’m coming home for Spring Break (though i may be able to get a ride at least one way) and then the following weekend for BZ6 (which i think i should drag lilithchilde to -- and yes, supposedly it will continue after this year despite Rich’s departure, so you’re allowed to not come this year).

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