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The Avengers (2012)

... That was not the movie I was expecting. (Admittedly, basically all my prep for the movie was musesfool's Tumblr.)

Though it makes sense that it's the movie we got. Nick Fury playing the long game (manipulating people as he deems necessary), and the layers of not just Loki trying to drive them apart but that underlying distrust because of secrets upon secrets, and how they unite and become a team ... I hesitate to say "on their own terms," but willingly choose to be a part of this venture, knowing ~fully what they are getting themselves into (Banner, Natasha who was a spy not a soldier, etc.).

“Robert pushed for inclusion of Pepper Potts in The Avengers so that Tony Stark wouldn’t be crazy and alone, but crazy in a relationship."
Joss Whedon, The Avengers press conference (Los Angeles, CA - April 12, 2012)
-seen on Tumblr
I'm intrigued by Bruce Banner's, "My secret is, I'm always angry." How does that square with his getting (seemingly-unintentionally) Hulked in the room with Natasha? [Okay, IMDb reminds me about Loki's influence -- and I did def. notice at the time people rubbing their temples and whatever ... the way the movie was suggesting that Loki was literally influencing them -- though it didn't occur to me until now that, duh, that's why he's the only one who seems to want to be on this boat (which, btw, hi Joss, calling this a "boat" like Mal does). Speaking of Loki, I really liked Coulson's comment that it's not in Loki's nature to rule -- I was like, "Yes, he's a chaos trickster god." For more phrasing to describe Loki... musesfool commented in her post about the movie: "She {Natasha Romanoff} outfaced Loki the god of lies and plays him like a fiddle."]

I didn't really cry any during the movie, but I had lots of moments where I felt kind of like I might. I totally channeled musesfool's "all my steve and bucky feels!" during so many of Captain America's scenes ... even though I couldn't have actually told you until significantly through the movie whether the name of the Captain America in this movie was Bucky Barnes or Steve Rogers. (Sidebar: The blonde woman whom the camera conspicuously lingered on -- making her obvious well before her "thank you" clip -- is she an implicit cameo of someone from comics-verse? [IMDb doesn't know.] Because one of the trailers was for The Amazing Spider-Man, I kept thinking of Peter Parker's blonde ~girlfriend(?).

My second thought after Coulson got stabbed was, "In comics, no one ever stays dead." (And the way they swept in to take the body away? Subtle, y'all.)

During the nuclear reaction, esp. when Tony seemed dead, I thought, "Is this how you get Extremis?"

In writing this up, replaying the movie in my mind, I remembered Tony's "Since when is he 'Phil'? [Beat.] His first name is 'Agent,'" and later I remembered, "You pissed off one other person. [Beat.] His name is [was?] 'Phil,'" and realizing only then (post-movie) the significance of the shift ... of how Tony's moved from seeing Coulson as an antagonist of some variety to a comrade.

I loved Loki's failure to brainwash Tony (I murmured, "You don't have a heart," as he tapped Tony's chest -- and then, "Didn't you do your homework, Loki?" calling back to Tony's "Am I the only one who did the reading?"). Remembering after the fact that this was a Joss Whedon film, I was reminded of that bit in Serenity-the-movie.

Loved the post-credits schwarma scene. (When we were walking out, one guy was telling another that while this movie premiered internationally weeks ago, no one saw that scene until last night this morning -- they filmed it right after the premiere.)

I expect at some point the Internet will tell me who the alien from the clip at the beginning of the end credits is. [And IMDb provides: The Red Skull]

Oh, also, I was aware from basically the beginning that the Tesseract and the globe in Loki's staff looked the same and thus were likely connected, but I did not call that the staff would be a way to close the portal. When someone said the barrier was pure energy, I thought it would make the most sense for Thor to harness lightning, but I also knew that in movie-logic he couldn't be the one to do the dramatic save-the-day like that.

Speaking of movie-logic, I liked that Hawkeye ran out of arrows -- because during the fire-fight I was thinking, "Technically you only a finite number of arrows in that quiver..." even though I know in movies no one runs out of ammunition except when it's dramatically necessary.

Edit: Oh, and when Banner's like, "So you're saying the other guy kept me alive? For what?" I murmured, "For just such a time as this," because I am that person.

Edit2: People have commented about things (e.g. Cap's "There's only one God, ma'am") that felt jarring to them, but the only thing (IIRC) that felt jarring to me was Tony's "The only thing special about you came from a bottle" (in part b/c of my strong prior on Captain America b/c of musesfool). Though yes, on reflection, Loki getting into their heads.

Edit3: Also Natasha's "I don't see how that's a party" line -- I'm fine with her not being excited about the fight like Tony is, but it felt to me like it was played as her not understanding the colloquialism ('cause she's Russian, yanno), which rang false to me for someone who's, yanno, a spy, and has been immersed in USian culture for a long time.
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