Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

feeling popular and really heading for bed this time...

So i was gonna head to bed right after my last post when Aly IMs me:

Riley/Forrest/Graham slash seems obvious<~~ well, because it IS. theyaresoinlove, you know.

i*m all random with the IMing, but I was reading your journal and went "three IMs? WELL! I*ll just have to be number four." and thus.. um.. hi. and don*t mind me, i*m on a mountain dew binge.

An observant reader of my LJ knows how happy random IMs make me. And we conversed quite nicely for about an hour. Jenn IMed me as well, which was nice, and increased my feeling of popularity, though we weren't very chatty. (And no, Aly, don't worry about keeping me up. Late night convos are yayness, and it's not like i have to be up for anything anyway. 'Cause i'm done with college until September 3! Oh i miss it of course, but i can get a little braggng in for my friends still at college. *angelic face*)

But yeah, i definitely feel popular. I was telling people i felt like i would have a very nonsocial summer, being away from Smith friends and not as frequently online as well as having drifted away from NHS people, but apparently i'm going to have a very social summer. Aly's hopefully gonna come visit, and Rebecca wants me to go visit her in California, and if Christine in New Hampshire has her end-of-school-party as she usually goes i'll be going to that, and Joe has promised to kidnap me some weekend this summer and take me up to UNH (he's taking summer classes).

Joe actually IMed me around 2am 'cause we were both still up, and told me about how he had had this great conversation with his aunt online -- about organized religions and how he doesn't watch TV and how much people change in 2 years and other good stuff -- and had a cup of tea. When i did i get such amazing friends?

And then he tells me that was "while I'm having a conversation with my friend Justin about how he doesn't believe in love" and i say, "2 hardcore convos at once, at 1 in the morning? i'm impressed." to which he replies:
I guess that's my way of justifying my ignorance of your online presence

"I guess that's my way of justifying my ignorance of your online presence"

Have i mentioned recently how thoughtfulness will win me over every time?

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