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Brave (2012)

(We saw the 3D version because that was the showing that worked for our schedules. The screen told us to put on our glasses but then a trailer started. Midway through the trailer -- for The Hobbit -- I put on the glasses and oh, right. Hi, glass_moment.)

I knew Merida did something to change her destiny, but I wasn't expecting (and was not at all a fan of) it to be that she asks the spell to change her mom. I didn't like that, and I hate mistaken identity plots, and I had to keep reminding myself that Merida's bear!mom was not in fact suddenly clueless but suffering the Kafka-esque "I still think of myself as having a different form than everyone else insists I do."

In part because I hate mistaken identity plots, I winced when the triplets saw the remaining cake (I was also worried that the spell was going to be in part that her mom had to eat the whole thing), so I was glad that was fine.

When they showed up at the barren castle, I recognized the seal as the same one from the witch and knew it was that prince. I think I called that it was the bad prince from the stories, though I did not call that it was Mor du. I expected the Momma Bear to kill Mor du and so was surprised when that didn't happen. I hadn't expected Mor du to show up again in the forest, but once he did I was unsurprised that Elinor breaks her bonds to rescue her daughter.

I kind of eye rolled at Merida's insistence that mending the tapestry would break the spell because hello, it is about mending the relationship itself...

I don't love that the spell didn't actually break until second sunrise hit Elinor.

I was a little thrown by Merida's mom stopping her to rewrite her speech -- though I guess it makes sense, mirroring Merida using her skills of forest-knowledge and teaching her mom.

I knew going into the movie that Merida didn't marry anyone at the end, but I didn't actually know how that was going to play out.

I appreciated the post-credits scene 'cause I am a sucker for continuity :)

I want that "Touch the Sky" song.
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