Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

There was a big bright beautiful rainbow stretching over the Winslow Building around 7:15 this evening. And a double one above it.

Yeah, i had to share. Begin normal recap now.

Beth IMed me tonight:
I am by no means a trend setter. I am a sheep. "Ba," I say. "Ba."
(Alluding to Aly having randomly IMed me last night.) I am so popular. And i neglected to mention in the last post, but i really want to visit Sharon/NYC this summer.

Speaking of whom, though she was away i IMed with 3 different people tonight re: tonight's Buffy episode before she came back. Rawk. Not a whole lot to say besides "I twitched at the end." More to say, yes, but that was really the overriding important sentiment. My mom held my hand at the end.

In happier news, work today. I knew i was home when i walked in to MML. That place is definitely my home away from home.

Margot asked about the situation at school and i said the furor had kinda fallen away in the stress of finals. I'm continually tempted to refer people to my LJ entries on the situation. But that would mean they could start reading my LJ. I think i'm gonna give everyone the link in next semester's mass update, anyway, but for the summer i think i'll just talk to library people. And i always have to keep in mind how public this is when posting about dysfunctional relationships. So because i don't really need to post everything about my life on here, i am simply going to say, it is really good for one's self-esteem to be wanted, even if it's something that needs to never be acted on and causes me to spend too much time in moral grey areas.

Beth got to ramble about the aw-ness that is her girlfriend. Yay. Happy lovelife rambling is so much better than depressing lovelife rambling.

I looked up a couple Buffy quotes for Beth during our convo and said, "this is why i am destined to be a research librarian, dammit" and she said, "You really, really are." The more i think about it, the more i seriously think librarian is what i wanna do. Just haven't decided whether i wanna do circulation or reference.

Why You Should Fall to Your Knees And Worship a [Reference] Librarian

And because i like linking to interesting journal entries. (The writer is a Smithie, so i definitely identified with bits, especially the second paragraph.)
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