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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Rally Day sometimes tries too hard, but generally it’s really good.

And i knew the emcees. *grin* Joan, i REMEMBER that monologue from last year!

The Groove girls had really nice skirts.

Props to the first year class. [Smith Romeo&Juliet -- Quad&GreenStreet] One Smithie says of the other: “I want to give her my hand.” I have such a dirty mind.

Staff Council had a skit. This better be the start of a tradition ‘cause they fucking rocked. The Sound of Music in 6 minutes, 45 seconds. Maria goes to the house of Christ.
“I am an Ada, and I don’t need a governess.”
“I am a transfer student, and I want a pink parasol.” “Where did you transfer from?” “Wellesley.”
“I’m a first year, and I am incorrigible. ... What’s ‘incorrigible’?” “I think it means you wanna go to Umass.”
“I’m 5.” “Early acceptance.”
“Joe, Ray, Me... the first three members of the staff. ... Fa, the distance to my ca’....”
I don't want to wonder
If this is a blunder

I want to love you madly...

I don't want to fake it
I just want to make it
The ornaments look pretty
But they're pulling
Down the branches
Of the tree

I don't want to think about it
I don't want to talk about it
When I kiss your lips
I want to sink
Down to the bottom
Of the sea

I want to love you madly...

don't want to hold back
I don't want to slip down
I don't want to think back to
The one thing that I know I
Should have done

I don't want to doubt you
Know everything about you
I don't want to sit
Across the table from you
Wishing I could run

I want to love you madly...
Sophomore class: choose your major, dating game style. Chemistry, Theater, and of course... Study women in a major way (use “heteronormative” at least 4 times a day in conversation...). Nice play on the fact that so many people treat choosing an advisor like getting married.

Shame Joan and Candi didn’t make jokes about choosing majors afterward.

Juniors did Josephine Millionaire. I really liked last year’s skit about being a junior here while everyone’s abroad and the sweet PowerPoint at the end with messages from juniors abroad, but yay for not always doing the same thing.

“361 seniors walk into a bar.... because they can.” Yeah SIKOS.

The senior skit was kinda lame, but whatcanyado. “I don’t feel that my feelings are being felt. ...” “I hear what you’re saying. I validate it.”
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