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A couple hours into bff phonecall today, I was thinking, "We were in the middle of talking when my phone died 6 hours in last week, but we've had lots of silences during phonecall thus far today -- maybe we wanna wrap soon?"

I forgot that all we need to talk forEVER is to wander into the wackiness of Christian theology on the Internet :)

At some point, she mentioned a Princess Bible she'd seen. I ran a GoodReads search and found that "princess bible" gets a lot of results -- including a board book whose WorldCat entry lists the 20 princesses (spoiler alert: not actual princesses -- though hey, we learned of the existence of Huldah) and another one that has 29. That one didn't display a full list, but one of the reviews mentioned the Shulamite woman. Both Ari and I were blanking on who that refers to (Canaanite woman who schools Jesus, Samaritan woman at the well...), so I Googled. [Irony, bff, the review actually says, "...The Shunammite Woman and her respect for Elisha" -- I was skimming and misread.]

I accidentally spelled it "shulamit woman" and the first hit I got was a site whose Google results pull text was: "The Shulamite Woman was the heroine of Song of Solomon and the epitome of real love for Right Man."

We, um, spent a lot of time on that website -- well, I spent a lot of time on that website and Ari spent a lot of time listening to me read aloud from it.

The Salvation FAQ includes the following list:
I am a Roman Catholic; am I saved?
I am a Jew; am I saved?
I am a Mormon; am I saved?
I am a Jehovah's Witness; am I saved?
I am a Seventh Day Adventist; am I saved?
Ari said she kept imagining "said no one ever" at the end of each of those sentences.

In contrast to: "Am I saved? says every Calvinist ever."

One of the FAQ answers mentioned "Unlimited atonement" and Ari said she thought that was part of TULIP and so I Googled and no, U is for "Unconditional election" -- and in fact Calvinists believe in "Limited atonement."

I went to the CalvinistCorner.com cite for Limited atonement, and all the Bible verses they cite, one COULD interpret to support limited atonement ... but why would one want to?
The Methodists have been apostate since John Wesley whose arguments with George Whitefield4 demonstrate that Wesley succumbed to Satan's appeal, "How could a God of love condemn anyone to Hades?" He lost sight of individual volition as the criterion for application of salvation to mankind. Translated into simple terms, "Why should anyone worry about salvation? That's God's problem."

[excerpt from the aforementioned Salvation FAQ]
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