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in which Elizabeth proves that she is back in Norwood again

Worked on Wednesday. I came in with Anna Hargreaves, this older woman whom i don't know but who knows me because i work at the library and seems quite fond of me and talks to me every time she sees me. Then Joe Gallant (who, for those who don't know, is a bit off) came in and was talking to me. He was wearing sunglasses and said that yes there was a bit of sun out and i probably wish i had a pair of prescription sunglasses or just a large pair i could put over my regular glasses but i probably have a boyfriend (he has said all this to me before, and i still wince inside at the hetero assumptions) who could buy me a pair so i could look even more gorgeous than i already am. (What is up with older guys thinking i'm hot shit?) Then Lillian Eagles, whom i know because we both volunteered at the Norwood Food Pantry, checked some books out and asked about my grandma (who had broken both her shoulders about 8weeks ago and is now in rehab). Then Valerie Dwyer (family friend) came in to get some books for Dee and we talked a bit. Then Ana Puzey, whom i know from church, was in with her kids and took out lots of stuff and we chatted. After she left Kelly said i was like the mayor of the library; everyone knows me. "Comes with being a townie," i said sheepishly. She said everyone comes in and says things like, "Oh, it must be summer; Elizabeth's back at the library."

I worked 1-9 and then went to see Diane at Puddingstone, leaving around 11:20.

My dad had A Few Good Men out for the night, cued up to the "You can't handle the truth" part so i could see that. I decided to watch the whole thing. Yeah, nevermind that i had to be at work at 9 in the morning. It was surprisingly good. I actually cried at the end. What is up?

Went to visit my grandma for nearly 2 or 3 hours today. We talked about various things, including Olive's funeral. Lots of people were upset because Marilyn Cote listed herself as Olive's "longtime friend" in the obituary, even though she had only known Olive for about 10 years and lots of people had known Olive for 30, 60 years. My grandma told this to Linnea, a former minister of ours who couldn't make it to the service, and Linnea laughed because "longtime friend" is often the phrase used by lesbian or gay couples. I hadn't realized that (and i'm sure Marilyn hadn't either) and had to laugh.

After work i hung out for about an hour and a half. One of the things i did was to read today's Norwood Bulletin (one of the local papers, which comes out every Thursday). Page 4 and i got so angry.

Letters to the Editor
Gay display a disgrace
To the Editor:
It is a shame and a disgrace that the Norwood Board of Selectmen have allowed a 'Gay Pride' display to be placed on the Town Common. Only Gary Lee made any inquiry as to the display and his inquiry was weak at best. God calls homosexuals (sodomites) an abomination! It is an evil and wicked perversion! The Roman Catholic church is facing a major disaster specifically because she has allowed this perversion to exist within her ranks. In the name of 'diversity' our children are corrupted, family morals belittled and honest God fearing people attacked. Where are the churches in Norwood that will speak out against this perversion? Will no one in Norwood stand up against this perversion?
Edward J. Campisano
Alden Street

(The letter writer was born and raised in Norwood, went to school in Norwood, enlisted in the Marines and Navy in Norwood, goes to church in Norwood, and works in Norwood.)

There are just so many things wrong with that letter.

I walked all around the Town Common and saw nothing, so i assume it's something which will be going up in the future. Given that this is Norwood, i am both impressed that this is happening (the display) and sure that it will be something fairly inoffensive. I want to contact the Board of Selectmen to find out what the display is going to be.

Okay, here is where i type up my attempt so far at a response Letter to the Editor.

Whether Christianity disapproves of homosexuality or not should have no bearing on whether a Gay Pride display is allowed on town property. We had a lot of discussion regarding the separation of church and town during the long debate about allowing the creches to remain on town property.

I will argue with anyone from parishioner to pope that the Bible does not in fact condemn homosexuality, but that is not the issue here.

To bring in the Catholic Church scandal is foolish. Do we condemn heterosexuality because some men molest little girls? No. We condemn child molestation. The people this display affirms are not child molesters. They are good and upstanding citizens just like yourself who just happen to find emotional and sexual fulfilment with partners of the same sex.

[My queer self of course winces at the end of that because of course gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered people run the gamut from Republican to anarchist, from polyamorous to celibate, etc. I'm also a bit disturbed at the idea of "Gay Pride," which excludes not only transgendered persons but even bisexuals. I need to look into this more. I also need to polish this letter because it sucks. I have to drag myself out of bed fairly early again tomorrow, though, and although i was mostly okay today i did have a headache for much of the day, so as Aly says, "niters."]
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