Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

I have issues.

Desmond Tutu calling Bush a moron is a good thing? Please people, i thought maybe we had moved past the name calling. It makes you look like a child with nothing to say. Desmond Tutu was one of Marnie’s examples when she and Ria and Sophie were countering Melissa Parham’s insulting generalizations regarding the protestors. And honestly, i don’t really care whether he really said that or not, because everyone slips into name-calling once in a while. It just upsets me that this is being touted as a good thing because really, personal attacks, especially those as low as name-calling, are none with the good.

The Sophian makes me hate this institution sometimes. The first response for the question of the week (Who are your least favorite and most favorite political figures?) in this week’s issue was: Favorite: Hilary Rodham Clinton “just ‘cause she’s hot.” Least Favorite: George Bush “because he is a racist, an idiot, and of course he’s Republican, so that’s solved. He favors the rich, is anti-union, an a coke addict.” I really like my delusion that people like that do not actually attend my institution. The other 4 answers were fairly intelligent, blessedly.

Also, i think i may have to write in, talking back to this Cate Malycke.

In a more positive, though, there was also a Staff Editorial called “Informing the media, honestly,” which was a fairly decent piece. I’m skeptical (of course) but it says, in part, “While the Sophian clearly does not have the resources to cover the War on Iraq let alone the ‘War on Terrorism,’ in an appropriate newsworthy manner, it can earnestly as a college newspaper give local action a voice in the media. ... The Sophian urges its readers to look closely at media sources and question what is news. This newspaper will make a great attempt to solicit every local, small source in order to bring coverage of the effects and actions taken by the surrounding communities to better understand the War on Iraq. At the same time this newspaper will represent the voices and interests of its readers, so long as the readers communicate their priorities with the Sophian at this time.”

Wow, had no idea i would strike such a nerve with a professor’s off-the-cuff bitter remark about marriage. I reiterate, my personal opinion is that Michael’s marriage is rocky and/or dissolved. (And wow, now i feel incredibly awkward about the fact that i’m speculating about a professor’s personal life in a fairly public forum.) I personally am all about monogamy. I was actually planning on including in this ranting entry a gripe about people talking about “queer culture” as if all non-heterosexual people want to have casual sex and if they want to get married they’re just brainwashed by the hetero-patriarchy or whatever. I expect to continue reiterating this throughout my life: Christians, Republicans, monogamous couples, anyone else who happens to share some values with “conservatives” or any other group whose values you disagree with is not automatically evil/brainwashed by virtue of those shared values/beliefs. I would go on, but i think i don’t have to convince anyone who reads this of that. (Feel free to debate me if that’s not true, though.)

Relatedly, WORD to Jill. Nice to know i’m not the only person who’s only planning on dating people she would consider marrying (or otherwise settling down with in a permanent union, given that marriage isn’t necessarily an option depending on the partner *growl*).

Also, tranceballerina is so right that rape is not a joke. Someone had an away message saying her chem exam was raping her and i was just speechless. I’m inclined to be literal even when i’m not being serious (hence why i don’t say “i wanna do him/her” or “i wanna have his/her babies” as often as some people do), but really, how can you joke about something like that?

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