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driving? driving! (take 2)

June 17 got canceled 'cause FCS-Ian and his wife were going out of town later in the week and had too much to do in too little time before they left.

I was busy the beginning of July, and then apparently he was changing jobs and stuff, so Tues. Aug. 20 he finally responded to the list of dates [July 12 - Aug 28] I'd sent him on June 27.

So here we are on September 5th.

It definitely took some time for me to get used to the car again.

We started in the parking lot again and practiced turns again, and I felt like I was less good at them than last time. The way the steering wheel interacts with the car wheels remains so non-intuitive to me. I also felt like I never entirely got re-acclimated to managing the speed of the vehicle.

FCS-Ian remembered feeling like oncoming traffic was gonna head-on collision [when he was first learning to drive], so we attempted driving really close to things to acclimate to that. I got close enough to the fence that I felt like much closer and I would feel unsafe. He said I was 5 feet away. We opened the door, and indeed the door didn't touch the fence, but I'm little more than 5 feet tall and I definitely could not have laid down in that space; I say it was 3-4 feet -- but I took his point.

He took us out onto side streets (a section of Arlington where the streets ladder -- "like the Back Bay" ... literally, 'cause Exeter, Dartmouth... though he said whereas in the Back Bay, the streets are named after lords, here they're named after colleges).

I kept nearly climbing onto the sidewalk -- which made FCS-Ian nervous every time. In the parking lot, we'd been practicing with stuff on my left, and the sidewalk was on my right, so that probably contributed. I also almost ran into a tree (twice -- see aforementioned climbing-the-sidewalks), but I never actually hit anything -- well except for accidentally hitting the horn (once in the parking lot and once on the side streets).

Eventually I remembered I was supposed to be using turn signals (something we had practiced last time, but which I just forgot about).

I was definitely grateful that there wasn't much traffic, but I handled all the turns basically fine (I think one of them was weird, but only one).

After we were done and we were heading back, FCS-Ian said he wanted to try a Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon so we could be on bigger roads but with minimal traffic. I said Saturday mornings are tough but Sunday afternoons are fairly doable -- that I tend to feel like I need to block off a whole stretch of time, but apparently we're only doing an hour.

He said you know how when something's stressful it can feel like it's taking longer than it actually is.

I said, "Possibly you experience this as more stressful than I do."

Which is apparently true. And makes sense for a variety of reasons. But neither of us has needed to safeword yet :)

Edit: When I got home (about an hour ago) I posted to facebook: "Round 2, and [FCS-Ian] and I still haven't had to safeword out of driving lessons -- though apparently he experiences them as significantly more stressful than I do :)"

Jeff M. just commented (arguably inspired by a preceding commenter): "What is the safe word? I bet you guys have a good one."

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