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Thor: The Dark World

I thought Thor 2 opened tonight and learned well after I had already committed to other plans for last night that no, there were normal-time (i.e., not a midnight opener) showings last night. 10pm in Burlington also garnered the "it's a school night" reaction from me -- though admittedly I ended up staying out nearly as late last night as that would have kept me.

Anyway. 7:15pm showing at the Capitol in Arlington -- which is apparently only showing in 3D, but hey, $12 is still only about what I would have paid for a regular price at e.g. AMC Loews Boston Common. And I know from Brave that current 3D in movies doesn't bother me.


I also knew from the Internet that this meant I got a Cap 2 featurette. I hadn't realized that was INSTEAD OF any other movie previews, which was pretty grate.

I'd already seen the Winter Soldier trailer, and this was basically an extended version of the elevator scene, followed by an abbreviated version of the trailer.

The elevator scene that the featurette opens with -- it's so slow with such attention to detail, that the 3D pops nicely.

I was intrigued that the "who you are" voiceover was over a shot of Natasha. I don't remember that from the regular trailer.

Aww, Steve Rogers at a gravestone holding flowers :( That's gonna be Peggy's grave, huh? (Though I suppose it could be Bucky's, given this movie.)

Re: the reguar trailer, people had commented about Bucky catching the shield with his metal arm, but that scene goes so fast that I can barely catch it even when I'm watching for it. When he slowly walks over and reaches down for the shield here, though? I literally went, "BUCKY BARNES HAS A ROBOT ARM."


I enjoyed this movie.

Because my corners of Tumblr (e.g., allofthefeelings and cacchieressa) are all "Jane is all about SCIENCE," so my expectations were unrealistically high for that, but in general I thought the film was acceptable on that score. Though I was irritated for a variety of reasons that she didn't volunteer, "Hey, so I got pulled through a thing and there were weird rocks and this red glowy thing and it seemed to go into my hand."

I love Darcy and was bummed that we didn't get more of her in this movie. I do like that she insists on running the science while Jane is grieving.

I appreciated the shout-out to SHIELD, though it mostly just sort of lampshades the fact that in everyone's solo movies, somehow the Avengers etc. aren't called in for these epic battles.

I laughed at "Is that why everything's on fire?" though I then felt a little uncomfortable with the implication that Thor had to come in to save Sif's fight. But I understand the meta-narrative reason that Thor is in line for king of Asgard/the 9 realms, and so he has to prove himself and earn the respect of all the realms, etc.

I loved Heimdall seing the invisible ship coming and running after it. I had no idea what he was trying/planning to do, I was just hoping he wouldn't die.

When Odin says they'll fight to the last Asgardian breath, the last drop of Asgardian blood, I thought, "And then you'll be gone and there will be nothing standing between them and the other realms." When Thor asks what makes them any different from the Dark Elves then, and Odin says because he'll win I was like, "Whoa, we all stopped rooting for you right this second, Odin."

I WEPT through Frigga's funeral -- which I was not expecting.

I was glad that fannish love didn't result in an over-abundance of Loki in this movie. In fact, I was surprised at how little he was in this movie -- I kept expecting him to get pulled in and, as the movie progressed, wondering what they were possibly going to need him for.

I liked the psych outs (and fell for basically all of them -- though when the guard came to tell Odin of Loki's death, there was a moment when I thought something seemed up with his eyes). Was not expecting the Captain America cameo AT ALL -- LOVED IT!

I'll be interested (assuming there's a 3rd Thor movie) to see how this plays out -- Odin's clearly been yearning for retirement (and on the edge of death at times -- I was expecting him to get killed, what with Frigga's worry and all) and I really like Thor insisting on being warrior-guardian but not warrior-king, not being willing to harden in those ways ... but the truth has to out eventually. And is Loki gonna just be content to be on the throne as Odin? He's supposed to be a trickster god -- I mean, that's the mythos -- but MCU has done this yearning to rule-over as the driving force of his character. And I bought the redemption arc in this film -- I mean, partly I'm not all that invested in Loki so I wasn't thinking too hard about his character motivation or anything, and I do like redemption stories, but it also didn't feel pasted-on/ham-handed.

I feel like there were maybe slightly more people of color in this film than previously? Though I felt this mostly with the kids and admittedly having kids of dubious class etc. status be your main POC representation is a bit problematic. (There was also the Chinese Japanese warrior, though I admit to not having paid a lot of attention to the crowds in those early battle scenes.)

I basically never recognize the Stan Lee cameo while I'm watching the movie, but I totally did here. Go me?

And I stayed for both post-credits scenes as instructed by the Internet.
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