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driving? driving! (take 4)

As I've mentioned elsewhere on the Internet, at Council last Wednesday we did an Affirmation exercise. We each wrote our name on the top of a sheet of paper and passed it around, each of us writing an affirmation for the person whose paper we received (folding the paper so you didn't see what people before you had written). We passed them to our left, and FCS-Ian was sitting to my left. When I got his, it was full, so when I handed it to him I said, "I can't fit anything else on here -- but I sent you a thank you note, so I'm gonna pretend like that counts."
He said, "That was wonderful."

After Council, I asked about driving this Sunday and said I might have hallucinated sending the fb msg proposing this Sunday, said I knew I sent the thank you email a couple days later.
He thanked me again for the email, said, "When I was reading it, I kept waiting for you to be passive-aggressive, and you weren't."
I told him to call me out if I were being passive-aggressive.
He said really he expects me to be aggressive and I said yeah, I try to be aggressive-aggressive.


Today we went to Assembly Row -- nearly empty parking lot -- much less stressful than the Somerville parking lot we started in lo these many months ago with the little kids soccer practice.

We did some driving in circles and practicing stopping where he wants me to (my instinct is to stop much farther back than appropriate -- I still don't have a great sense of how much space the car actually takes up).

Then we practiced pulling into (and backing out of) parking spaces -- so that involved lots of reversing (which adds "I don't really understand this whole direction-of-the-wheels thing except when it's very straightforward" to the "I don't have a very accurate sense of how much space the vehicle I'm maneuvering takes up"). Because there were no other cars, it was easier in a lot of ways, though of course it also mean there were things I couldn't really practice. We did a couple tries of me getting out of a parking space and FCS-Ian standing where the back of an adjacent car would be, so I could at least begin to get a sense of where I would have to be looking.

Then we went to Medford/Arlington to practice some street driving. (We were gonna try near where I used to live, but the streets are so narrow we decided against it. Instead we went west on Boston Ave. just past 16.)

We started off with me having to get out of the way of an oncoming car (narrow side street, so I had to pull over to the right) -- so that was kind of like how we started in the graveyard last time :) -- but mostly it was really low-traffic.

I spent one block on a busy street, and afterward FCS-Ian asked how I felt about the cars coming toward me and I said I was basically ignoring them -- focusing on what was in my own lane. (Which I don't say in a terrified avoidant way, I just really was basically blocking them out.) Which is basically appropriate.

In all of our laddering, FCS-Ian had gotten somewhat disoriented as to where we were in relation to where we wanted to be, so when he took me home, we learned that Mystic Valley Parkway heading north up by the Mystic Lakes (not the way to take me home, p.s.) was barely any traffic, so we may try that next time. Taking 93 over there, I felt sort of like highway driving would be okay, because it's basically just going fast -- there isn't anything else to have to worry about. Which we talked about some when we were going the wrong direction on Mystic -- and we'd talked in the parking lot about how a lot of stuff is easier/goes more smoothly when the car is going a little faster (which I'd learned back in the first parking lot), and on the way over to Medford FCS-Ian talked about how cars are designed for highway driving.

I definitely felt nervous when we were starting out today -- like not even being in the driver's seat, just thinking about driving -- but I got reacclimated. And FCS-Ian says I haven't acquired any new bad habits :) though there are certainly maladaptive tendencies I slip into.
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