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[MCU] Captain America: The Winter Soldier [2014-04-07]

(I really need to acquire myself some MCU icons, don't I?)


Ari drove us to TBC on Thursday, and I was gonna maybe make hir drive us to the nearest movie theatre (~10mi away in Enfield) to watch Cap2 that night, but we were both exhausted and ze was getting sick.

I took Monday off from work to recover from TBC, so while Ari was at ANTS I biked to Alewife to catch a matinee (there was no online ticketing, so I was guessing I could just show up, and yeah... when I initially walked into the theatre I thought I was literally the only person there -- I wasn't, but there only ended up being like 6 people total).

I would not have called this movie "The Winter Soldier." It's about Captain America, and Natasha is his partner, and they bring in Sam as their third, and it's a lot about Nick Fury (though largely as a catalyst for the action), and we have bonus Maria Hill and Sharon Carter and Peggy Carter.* The post-credits scene sets up for a movie that's more about the Winter Soldier/Bucky, but this movie was about Steve -- and about the paramount value of freedom. (Which is interesting given the Agents of SHIELD tv show -- which I have only ever watched intermittently and which I have mostly stopped watching; mostly because I just don't care -- which starts with Skye pushing against SHIELD's "secrecy and surveillance for your own good" but then she becomes part of the machine and really what she cares about is family (and in a lot of ways what the show cares most about is [its particular] chosen family) and in recent episodes we've gotten back to the secrecy/information-sharing tension.

When I Googled "captain america 2" to get the official title, one of the top hits was an io9 piece that says:
Agents of SHIELD

Following the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, one huge question is how the film's treatment of SHIELD will affect the show. I know this is Morning Spoilers, but I'm giving a spoiler warning for The Winter Soldier again:

It sounds like the producers and writers always knew what was coming, and have been planning for it. The focus on the external threats like Centipede and the Clairvoyant was done because they couldn't spend too much time looking at SHIELD, for fear they'd run afoul of the HYDRA/SHIELD twist in the movie. However, with the film finally out, it appears that the Clairvoyant, Deathlok, etc. will be connected back to HYDRA. Says executive producer Maurissa Tancharoen of the future of the team:
Survival is a huge part of it. There is no more tapping into big S.H.I.E.L.D. through the holo-comm. The guns you have on the plane are the guns you have. They're basically left with the bare minimum.
For Agent Coulson, Clark Gregg says:
[The show is] about a company man who finds out that everything he's dedicated his life to is not what he thought it was. To have everything dissolve around him to the point that S.H.I.E.L.D. itself is in smoking ruins (and have) that crisis of faith is such an amazing thing to explore.

... I'm a little old for it, but I'm the one texting, 'OMG! OMG! Oh no, you traitor!' It's kind of hilarious. People are racing to their car to read the new scripts and find out what new Hydra betrayal is going to be revealed.
[USA Today]

Back to the movie...
The "Hail HYRDA" moments felt overkill. I believe that people like Pierce believe in stuff like sacrificing (relatively) few to save many, and that the populace needs to give up their freedoms in order to be protected -- and at times I'm v. sympathetic to "ends justify the means" sort of things -- but come on, we in the mundane culture associate German accents with evil, how does someone with Pierce's history become super-pro-HYDRA? (Okay, I don't remember the specifics of his history, but he has a history with national defense type stuff, and I would expect that "HYDRA" would have the kinds of resonances that "Nazi" or at least "fascism" or something has for us ... a knee-jerk/gut reaction against it, even one would agree with some of the ideas were they presented from a different angle.)

As with Avengers, I enjoyed the movie but don't feel a strong drive to watch it again.

I've started reading meta (musesfool has of course been compiling lots, though I don't care about Bucky like she does) -- and hey, I can safely go back on Tumblr now. (And the io9 piece actually makes me interested to watch tonight's Agents of SHIELD -- I followed the LiveTweeting on my Twitter feed last week but wasn't actually interested in going into the other room to watch it.)

minim_calibre wrote:
There is apparently a real audience for a hypothetical action movie with Jenny Agutter.

Yeah, I'd watch that.

(Also, damn, she still looks amazing.)
While that one does turn out to be a fakeout (I'd been wondering where Natasha was but hadn't called that -- I had called that the badge pins they got were a bad idea, but I was thinking they were target locks), I do appreciate how many strong women we get in this movie -- and not being strong to protect their families or other such traditionally feminine motivations, but just being smart and perceptive and committed and integrity-having and skilled in their trade and doing their part to fight the good fight and save the day.

* The team who saves the world: one white dude, 2 white women, 2 black men
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