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driving practice #15: suburban driving makes me nervous?

Thursday morning, my dad picked me up to bring me to my parents' for Thanksgiving.

Yesterday (Friday), my mom and I visited friends two towns over. My mom cleared the snow/ice off the car and as I got into the car (she was already in the driver's seat), I said, "So I guess I'm not driving to [town], huh?" and my mom was like, "Oh yeah, I guess not." As if we couldn't have switched seats then before we left the parking lot. I was still a little tired, though, so I wasn't too inclined to push to get to drive.

Today she was having lunch with friends ~2 miles away and I was welcome if I was still gonna be in town. So I did drive to that. The windy (long-i sound) downhill with the sun in my eyes, my mom commented I could drive faster (when I'm nervous I slow down), but otherwise I mostly managed to drive 25-30mph (the speed limit was 30).

At one point, someone in the oncoming traffic made a lefthand turn, and yes a more experienced driver would likely merely have slowed down, but it startled me and I slammed on the brakes. I started up again once the vehicle was no longer in front of me, but the vehicle behind me honked and they and like 5 other cars proceeded to pass me.

Other than that, it was fairly uneventful. I tried to start turns earlier than I'm inclined to (per my dad), though I remain terrible at actually looking in my mirrors for what's going on behind me at all.

Despite the parking lot being somewhat crowded (and my thus feeling somewhat nervous about my ability to actually park), I pulled into a parking space and was actually within the lines (far over to one edge, but within the lines). I took a photo to show FCS-Ian on FB (yay smartphones).

Driving back was also a little bit nervous-making (ugh, parking lots), but the traffic wasn't too bad. The parking lot across from my parents' was empty, so I could drive straight into a spot easily (though I was still far to one side -- righthand side both times). I pulled up a couple times (I have a tendency to overestimate how big the car is and thus how close I am to things) and felt a little bit nervous like I'd overshot, but I was right up to where I should have been.

My dad drove me home, and I said I wasn't especially feeling up for trying that and he deadpanned that the Southeast Expressway is everyone's favorite place to drive.
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