Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

[SHIELD] 3.08 "Many Heads, One Tale" [2015-11-17]

(I looked up the episode number/title and was surprised we were in a third season already -- this is what happens when I only watch sporadically, I guess.)

I had this thought the morning after the episode aired but kept getting distracted, hence only writing it down now.

Malick talks about the super scary Inhuman who gets banished to the sunless planet (sidebar: do we think the planet is the burn-out sun? I know stars don't actually work that way, but...) and how they're gonna bring it back and it'll have a whole army to command.

Is Lash killing all the Inhumans that would be susceptible to this Inhuman's control? That would certainly jive with a lot of the fan spec that Jiaying left special dust in the book for some sort of successor (though I full expect the show to continue to plot in ways none of us expected). It's weird that Andrew's Inhuman transformation is like being possessed by a separate consciousness, and it would be nice if that were brought more in line with the standard "you develop powers and your body adjusts." (In this case the power is coupled with a drive to destroy, but if it's responding to some cellular/whatever cue... then it feels more like a regular Inhuman transformation than some alien consciousness possession.)

Alternatively/at the very least, I want Andrew/Lash to be the one to destroy the scary Inhuman (though I would also be okay with the scary Inhuman actually being anti-HYDRA). Still so displeased with the monstrous!blackman trope, but that would be a way to redeem it some.
Tags: tv: agents of shield

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