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"So, you ever think about NOT celebrating a birthday? Just to try it, I mean."

I think Buffy's not getting a birthday this year. The next new episode isn't until March 25, right? and the latest her birthday has ever been is near the end of February sweeps. [Back to the Beginning (tm): She didn't have a birthday celebration first season, right?]

But anyway, i was putting down the March birthdays on my calendar so i would remember to send appropriate messages, and it struck me that i'll be turning 20 this summer. My innards actually lurched at the thought. It's just so weird. I mean, i'll officially no longer be a teenager. I'll be a year away from being able to purchase alcohol. I feel like grown-up-ness comes with 20. This is weird.

PLUS, it occurred to me (yes, this had occurred to me before) that i will be in ENGLAND for my birthday. Weirdness abounds.

(But don't let the Subject line fool you; i do enjoy birthday celebrations and will welcome cards, gifts, etc. I must figure out if i want to have a gathering of any sort, though.)

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