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I'm beginning to think no more homework is getting done tonight.

In someone’s AIM profile:

Stop the apathy....March 5th, Books Not Bombs Student Strike...walk out of class and give your voice to the resistance!

Yes, because all of us oppose the war, just some of us are apathetic. Grr.

I love the Jolt sometimes. This thread actually has a lot of intelligent and thoughtful posts on various issues related to the walkout. Renews my faith and hope in the students with whom i attend this fine institution. (Okay, so the Joltness has reasserted itself. A thread has now developed arguing over the existence of God and the intelligence of people who believe in such. Le sigh.)

An anoymous poster points out:
the thing i thought was ridiculous about the walkout was a poster- "BOOKS- not WAR!" and then it advocated walking out of class.. anyone else see a discrepancy here? forget about your books and walk out to protest war... um, yeah..
[Edited to add that there is now a new thread responding to that, in which Plump_Apple_Core(.) [yes, there are two users with almost identical names] continues to be intelligent and thoughtful -- and there are more quality posts in the thread, but i’m not gonna bother linking to all of them especially because hello, ongoing thread. Again with the renewed hope and faith in the body of my institution.]

Slim_S says:
I will make a poster "I am Pro-War, but I hate class"

So I will walk out!

Plump_Apple_Core responds:
BWahahahaHAahHAA. Goodness. You're a funny being Slim_S.

There are purple posters about the events this week, also everyone should have a voicemail about the anti-war Coalition's activities (someone from the coalition sent out a voicemail to the HPA, who forwarded the msg to the houses).

The only trouble is I'm not sure what exactly is the mission/objective of the walk out (or what it will end up look like). Is it:

1. Walk out if you are anti-war (against all war, against any form of aggressioN)
2. Walk out if you are anti-the-war-on-Iraq-2003 (b/c it is racist, imperialist, classist, and whatever slogan was up in the snow last week... i.e.: "Books not Bombs" "Make love not war", etc.)
3. Walk out if you are anti-the-way-bush-is-going-about-a-war-on-Iraq
4. Walk out if you believe this war will have an impact on the lives of World Citizens regardless if you are pro-or-anti war
4.5 Walk out if you believe Bush should seek alternative means of addressing Iraq
5. Walk out if you believe this war will have an impact on US citizens..."etceterain"
6. Walk out ifyou believe this war has an impact on Smith and the student body...."etceterain" 7. Walk out b/c of peer pressure to leave class b/c if you fail to do so it will look like you are aggressively pro-war or apathetic (regardless of your position)
8. Walk out b/c classes DAMNIT the news is important.

I'm a bit torn. I have a class that day with an exam the next time the class meets--- so, if a clear, concise, unambiguous statement-of-purpose is stated, I would be quite pleased and a bit more sympathetic to bodly wearing red and stomping out of class (that is if I agree with the objective). hmmm.

I would be fascinate dto know what the teach-ins will be comprised of. Will they be a politically diverse teach-in? (i.e. Melissa Parham to the right and Lauren Wolfe to the left, for example), or will it simply be: "The US is an imperialist hegemon."

Eh, we'll see.
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