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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

If this is a sub-ject, what is a "ject"?

I was a good-doobie today. I went to the Guild Meeting (scheduled to start at 7:30) at 6:30 with my mom to help set up (the woman who was supposed to help was sick) and then played hostess when she went to get my grandma. (And of course i hung around and was socable. And i got home in time to watch Angel!)

Apparently there's gonna be some meeting in June to discuss the future of the Women's Guild. My grandma said i should go because "You're a member of this church ... and a young woman." I am bad Smithie. My first thought was "queer visibility." Saner thoughts included emphasis on feminine aspect of divine, education about strong women of the Bible. But the Women's Guild seems to basically be an excuse to socialize. They raise money by doing fairs and stuff. I really have no idea what their purpose is. Once i'm in more of a mood to care i'll ask my mom.

athene and laynamarya miss me! *grins* I can't honestly say i miss anyone from college yet, so i won't lie to you ladies, but i do love you both bunches.

Beth is wise once again:
"People try to say it's not possible to be a cynical optimist. But, like, they're not both nouns. The adjective just modifies the noun, it doesn't contradict it."
Tags: church: norwood: ucn

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