Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Playing Devil’s Advocate is gonna get me whipped one of these days.

Everyone is mocking this, a sign that our government is childish and all that, but honestly, we did similar things opposing Germany during WWII. (Do i think it’s silly and that no one is going to pay any attention except to mock it? Of course. It may turn out to be a hoax even -- or perhaps not -- just as this may turn out to be untrue. But i find examining people’s reactions and the underlying stories just as, if not more, interesting as the actual stories.) Steven Den Beste writes about his longstanding worry about the French. I’m just really annoyed that the French seem to be taking the “U.S. war on Iraq is never okay,” saying they will veto a UN resolution regardless. What’s up with that? I understand pacifists saying “war is never okay,” but if you’re a government, you recognize that war is sometimes necessary, and saying “we will veto a new resolution no matter what,” really who’s being petty now? [And yes, i apologize for not having at my fingertips any direct links to the French statements.]

Yeah, okay, so no one thinks this is a good idea. I think i get so weary of knee-jerk “America sucks, the government sucks, etc.” that my knee-jerk response is then to play Devil’s Advocate (not that my reaction isn’t always to play Devil’s Advocate ;) ). Or you could argue that conservatives have eaten my brain, but we’re not gonna talk about how i’m “not thinking.” (This is me glaring and remembering not to be bitter and passive-aggressive.)

Oh, and the newest topic in the blogosphere is torture, and i’ll say right now that i’m skipping the posts ‘cause i say torture is never good. I have a hard enough time with justifying killing. (This is the part where if i were gonna get all defensive i would say, “See, i can draw lines, take a stand on moral principles.”)

I shouldn’t be posting entries that profess to be thoughtful this late, huh?

[edited to add that i can see why people could be seriously worried about the implications of this]
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