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"why me? why this now? why this way?"

I have a headache. I really don't like this because it means that i don't want to do anything involving mental effort, like all the writing i should be doing -- long overdue letters, for one. So i'm attempting a livejournal entry instead. And will maybe even get caught up on LJ comments.

I have to say that i love the MML staff.

Last week i was up in Tech Services and they had 2 copies of the Harry Potter VHS and 2 copies of the DVD (not yet barcoded and everything, but still), and i said i was excited that we had them because that meant i would finally get to see the movie. (I was gonna see it the day it opened, but everyone i was gonna see it with was in NYC for a Cake concert that Thursday, so they just stayed in the city for the weekend and saw it there. Then Smith was gonna show it during spring semester, but somehow it never happened.) So this evening while i was working desk, Judy Zvracky (sp?) came down and told me that she had just brought down the Harry Potter videos though she hadn't done the DVDs yet and which did i want and i said the video and she even went and got it for me. That made me happy, that she had remembered that i wanted to see it and thought to tell me and everything.

Also, i worked 10-6 and a lot of times Michele is just by herself from 5-6, but she's head of the department and i'm only a part-timer, plus the first day after a long weekend is always busy, so Marcia was gonna work from 5-9. But something came up so Marcia couldn't work, and no one else was available, so even though Cindy had already worked 9-5 she stayed until 6 with me. It alternated between busy and slow but was never super-busy, and nothing too crazy came up, but i was very grateful that she stayed.

Oh, and coming to the irrevocable realization that you can never be with someone, and reminding yourself that you never actually really wanted to be with that person, is not the same thing as actually being "over" said person. Crush still persists. Am i doomed to always have dysfunctional relationships? Though to be fair i really haven't had all that many (none in the actual dating sense) and as i keep pointing out to Joe when he bemoans his inevitable life of solitude, "You're only 19. You've got your whole life ahead of you." We are wonderful people and therefore wonderful things will happen to us and eventually we will have wonderful monogamous relationships, because i said so.

I think i need to start writing again, creative writing, because not only am i playing out scenarios in my head (I always do that.) but i'm creating lofty, melodramatic dialogue that i wish i could get away with in real life. Either i read too much or i need a creative outlet. Since the former is impossible, it must be the latter.

Pops Concert tomorrow. Must remember to go home right after work so we can go. For the first time i will see all of the Pops Concert. I will not be a part of it. The actual paying for admission to school concerts isn't such a big adjustment, but the idea of being there for umpteen hours of grades 5-12 (or is it 6-12?) is weird. Although we play easy music for Pops, it's the biggest concert of the year in that everyone goes and just about everyone performs. It will be so weird to actually be there for all of it.
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