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I really should update more often.

Pops was okay. The weather was decent and a lot of people (probably parents of 5th through 8th graders) left by halfway through, so that helped keep the gym from being so miserably hot and humid as well. It was over by about 9:30, which seemed earlier than usual. I felt kinda like i missed out on the full Pops experience or something. Not that i feel the need to have said full experience. :)

I was talking to Cindy at work that day and she said Shay (her daughter, who is now in her twenties but who went to Norwood public schools) must think they (her parents) didn't love her at all because they only went to one Pops concert. I certainly understand why people would not go, but i've always totally expected that my parents would come see everything i'm in.

On Thursday i checked out a book for this guy and he asked me how college was. I totally didn't recognize him, and the info on his record (Lindsay McLean of Westwood) wasn't helping me at all, but i talked to him anyway. He talked about taking two languages at once and about New Orleans and all this stuff. It was really interesting, though Mary Donnelly said later that it was like he had been away from civilization for years and just needed to get this all out and i realized that i'd barely said anything that entire conversation. I hate when i get so sucked into conversations, though, because part of my brain is saying, "You're working; keep an eye for patrons who need to be waited on" while part of me is listening to this person and operating with the training we all get to focus your attention on the person you're talking with. Cindy had Beth call the desk extension from her office to rescue me from the guy.

Friday was slow. I gave a lot of backrubs because there wasn't anything else to do. I do have one story for the day, though. This older guy whom i've seen a fair amount came up the desk and asked if we had a list of the Dewey Decimal categories. I said we didn't and asked if he was looking for something in particular. He said of course he was. He asked if we had a card catalog. I said we only had the computerized catalog, hadn't had a physical card catalog for some years. I also said the reference librarian would be happy to help him. He said he tried the computer, tried 3 different categories, and got "No holdings" every time. "One of the categories was art," he said. I had to laugh. I understood his frustration, and sometimes the system glitches and says we don't have stuff we do, and i know there are a million ways you can mess up a search without realizing it. I said, "Well, i know we have books on art -- i've shelved them. The reference librarian would be happy to help you." I forget exactly what i said, but it was something like that. His response was to just about cut me off and say something like, "You don't really care. You think this is all a big joke." I was pretty much speechless and managed something like a helpless, "No, i don't," as he turned away. As he was out of hearing range (heading for the stairs to, i assume, go upstairs to reference) i slowly muttered "fuck you" under my breath and headed to Perks with Jonah for my second raspberry lime rickey of the day because it was time for me to go on break.

I went to see the high school production of Macbeth tonight. The costumes and music and set and stuff were interesting. It was really difficult to get most of the lines, though. Particularly in the first half they were very rushed. Because it's Shakespeare it's hard enough for high school kids to get it, but when they can't even hear all the words it's basically impossible. Now i want to read the play again. I think i'm gonna try to buy a copy of the little edition that we did in AP English that Mr. Peterson said we could buy from him for a dollar and i never did even though i meant to.

Tonight i finally remembered to look up The Complete William Shakespeare Abridged on Amazon and found out i can get the video (and after some searching finally found the book). MLN impresses me sometimes. The video is in the system, so i can get it sometime. And Norwood is one of 3 libraries in the system to have the acting edition. My town impresses me sometimes.

I'm "only" working 18 hours next week, so i'm finally gonna get to visit the high school and also catch up on letters and stuff. I think i have too much stuff out from the library. This is what happens when we have too many slow days and i go through the catalog and request bajillions of things. Who knew Joni Mitchell had so many albums?

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