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We will not be surprised if i graduate a conservative.

I love this comic. (Interview with the creator here.)

Unfortunately, it’s scripted in such a way that i can’t link to specific days. So i’ll just list the dates of the ones i particularly like:

November 2, 12, 14, 18, 21
December 15, 16, 23
January 4, 5, 10, 27
February 10, 22, 28
March 1, 4

A couple NYTimes articles.

A suggestion e-mailed to Glenn Reynolds as an alternative to freedom fries:
Isn't the time coming for the American people to show their gratitude and appreciation to Tony Blair. He is in political trouble for supporting the US and a little public support from the streets of America might help.

Stop the 'Freedom Fries' nonsense, call 'em chips like the English do.
A tee hee alternative.

Another French-bashing tee hee.

I don’t understand when people call the French our allies. Obviously they are not on our side. Do people just mean fellow members of the UN or something?

And a tee hee of a non-political nature.

I agree with asparagirl that the following is the best part of this piece (and one of the best things i’ve read on the issue in general):
I can accept the yearning for a peaceful solution, but sometimes one simply doesn't exist. Maybe we tried the peaceful solutions. And maybe we found out that peace doesn't dethrone dictators, pulverize weapons stocks, or deter aggression. Maybe it's not a best-fit for this particular situation.

It amazes me as well how the Anti-War movement has such a funny relationship with minorities and dissent. So the majority of the world's population is opposed to this action. So? I know we could have gone about securing world opinion FAR better than we actually have, but are we more or less right because Angola says so?

They always say to dissent is American, but when America dissents, we're being irresponsible and impudent. They sanctify the minority opinion, but only when they're in that minority.
A 6-point plan which professes to be an alternative to war. I’ll be interested to see pro-war people’s take on this.

It’s possible that one day i will stop reading and commenting on friendsfriends entries, but not likely.
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