Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

I'm home! :)

I made it home safely.

I was afraid that Mrs. Flemer was gonna ask me to tell her which exit to take off the Mass. Pike 'cause i would have had no clue, but she works in Norwood, so it was fine. Once we were in Westwood, on that pre-Norwood strip with KaBloom and everything i totally knew what i was doing. So we take a right past the cemetery and then after a bit i tell her to take a right. She keeps going straight, sort of bearing left. Emilie tells her that i said to go right and she's going left. She thinks she knows where she's going, though, so since my sense of direction is horrible and i only know what to do here from being a passenger while someone else drives i acquiesce. It soon becomes clear that i have no clue where we are (other than "in Westwood") and neither does she. We pass a huge house and Emilie is impressed. We pass where some friends of theirs used to have a farm and Emilie is getting all "just turn around." We get to Xavarian and we turn around. Will i recognize where to turn? I suspect so and know that the worst that'll happen is we'll hit the highway, turn around, and do it right. So we turn, and Emilie says to go left judging from where we had come from. I feel like we should keep going straight, but i trust her sense of direction. At first i think we really are coming down Prospect Street, but then i think maybe it's Nahatan, and it turns out that i'm right, but once i'm in Norwood i know how to get to my house from just about anywhere so it's all good. Emilie is long-suffering and my mom made them cookies and Emilie says they'll drive me back on Sunday and gives me their phone number.

My sophomore English teacher didn't know what "vegan" is.

Okay, now to unpack, and soon my mommy will be home. :)

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