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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Yes, i am alive.

Home for Spring Break means home with a slow Internet connection on a computer not my own which i share with the rest of my family and which is located near the television, so i haven’t been on much.

I talked with my mother for hours after she got home Friday night. That was really good.

My favorite line from the March 15-21 TV Guide article on the HBO movie Normal (“Lady in Waiting” by Steve Pond) is from writer/director Jane Anderson, about the Midwest personality: “You’re taught that if a tornado wipes out everything, start again. If your husband’s going to be a woman, you deal with it.”

I went to church on Sunday. One thing i really liked that Pastor Bill said in his sermon was, “God wants you to serve Him by serving others,” because i’m really big on the idea of service.

He talked about the post-modern world we live in, how in modernism, truth was discussed and fought over, but in post-modernism people say there is no such thing as absolute truth, that what’s true for me might not be true for you and vice versa. I thought about how 4-credit Queer Studies last year was something of a crash-course introduction to post-modernism for me and how i hated the idea that there’s no truth except the truth of lived experience, but that the more i think about it the more uncomfortable i am with absolutes, and that i’m big on the idea of social constructionism. I don’t know. This merits more thought.

Lines from the sermon: “No one ever said, ‘Tolerance will set you free.’ ” and “Little things can be little hinges of big doors.”

The weather on Sunday was absolutely beautiful, so i went for a walk and went to the library.

I talked to Anne for a long time. She’s in school part-time, getting i think her master’s. We talked about various careers i might want after college -- teaching, working in a library, editing/publishing... and i remembered that an alum who works for one of the big publishing houses came to speak with Smith students recently and for the first time i really understood what people mean when they talk about the fact that one of the things you’re paying for when you go to a place like Smith is the connections, the networking opportunities you have and the network s you have access to. I was also thinking that one of the internships i applied for was with SpeakOut Boston, and that they could be a really great place to work for after college, that maybe i would go gay rights stuff, because really it’s not like i have to do something that’s very obviously and directly related to my major.

The weather continued to be incredibly warm on Monday. I worry about what the summer is going to be like if it’s this warm in March, but today was back to being cool, and i think the rest of the week is supposed to be similar.

Ani’s new album is beautifully packaged, but i’m not a huge fan of the songs (except for “welcome to” and “shrug,” which i already loved), though i expect they’ll grow on me, and there are a lot of good lines in many of the other songs.

I read The Well of Loneliness, which i was expecting to be bad, but which was actually quite good. I might actually recommend it to people, though of course the novel is problematic -- but what isn’t?

Black Adder Back and Forth, conceived for the millennium, is a missable 33-minute affair. Also, i really don’t get the Colin Firth obsession.

At one point at dinner my mother mentioned something to my brother about Pastor Bill’s assertion in his sermon that God has a plan for your life, and then she said, “I have a cunning plan, sir,” and i cracked up. I love my family.

I went to visit the high school today. The problem with visiting people at their place of employment is that, hello, they have to do their jobs, but i did get to see most everyone and have a nice chat with a couple of my favorite teachers.

Happy 4th Birthday, LiveJournal.

Now to check my friendspage which i haven’t read in who knows how long and compose the requisite response-to-the-war post.

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