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the requisite response-to-the-war post

I have thought this war was inevitable for quite a while now.

I’m not frightened. I find it interesting the contradictions among people who are largely on the same side. Some people argue this is war is unjustified because Saddam doesn’t have and won’t be able to manufacture long-range weapons, so our self-defense argument doesn’t hold up. But some people are very afraid that this war will reach our shores, that we will be attacked. Though i suppose these two ideas could be reconciled with the explanation that we will piss off other groups who do have the capabilities to attack us.

But i was saying... I’m not frightened. We can talk about how i live in a bubble and haven’t had any serious tragedy touch me close to home and all that, but let’s not. I’m not worried about being attacked, and maybe i should be, but i’m not.

Someone, i’ve now forgotten who, posted about how it’s our people who are going over there, who are gonna get killed, and i couldn’t help thinking, “This is something to get upset about because it’s our people?!” That just seemed to me one of the most horrid things i have read about this issue. I have said it before, and i’ll say it again, for me this war is about the Iraqi people. People talk about how there will be civilian casualties, and i think, “The civilians are already casualties,” and i think about how military technology has helped really reduce the number of casualties, and i think about how people are dying all over the world all the time and we get all worked up only when it’s “our” people, and i think about the fact that when people sign up for the military they should know what they’re getting into and know that they might be sent into combat and might die (and i think about what Alix Olson said about the death of the Columbia crew not being a tragedy not only because they were doing what they dreamed of but because they knew the risks when they started).

I admit, i’ve started half-expecting people to defriend me over this issue. So let me take me take a moment to voice my sincere appreciation that we have this mutual respect thing going on even when we seriously disagree.
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