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Proof that once in a while i really do get stuff done.

I didn't notice it when i skimmed the May 30th Norwood Bulletin on Thursday because it was near the fold, but my letter got in this week's Bulletin as promised. Page 4. Basically exactly as i'd written it (which made me happy), and my surname was spelled properly, which always brings me glee.

I was a little annoyed with myself for not getting the letter in in time for the immediately following week, but this week's edition has as its cover story "Class of 2001: An Odyssey Last year's grads look back at life - a year after graduation," so i suspect more people than usual will buy it, so that makes me happy.

Anyway, here's the letter.

Letters to the Editor
Church scandal irrelevant to Gay Pride display
To the Editor
In response to Edward Campisano's letter condemning the Gay Pride display on the Town Common (Buletin, 5/16).

Whether Christianity disapproves of homosexuality or not should have no bearing on whether Gay Pride display is allowed on Town property. We had a lot of discussion regarding the separation of church and Town during the long debate about allowing the crèches to remain on Town property. I will argue with anyone from parishioner to pope that the Bible does not in fact condemn homosexuality, but that is not the issue here.

To bring in the Catholic Church scandal is foolish. Do we condemn heterosexuality because some men molest little girls? No. We condemn child molestation. The people this display affirms are not child molesters. They are good and upstanding citizens just like yourself who just happen to find emotional and sexual fulfilment with partners of the same sex.

Elizabeth Sweeny
Winslow Avenue
Tags: norwood: teh gay (2002)

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