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This is not a GIP [Gratuitous Icon Post].

It is a fairly long update post, though. Is there an acronym for that? FLU [fucking long update] or something?

Anyway, Saturday was a lazy day. I had been up until 3 chatting with Sharon, whom i hadn’t talked in too many weeks, so then i slept for ever and hung around the house reading Christopher Durang’s complete full-length plays while my dad filed the CSS. I have to say that i love Christopher Durang’s Laughing Wild. I will also be getting his one-acts through interlibrary loan this week. So then of course i couldn’t fall asleep that night since i had stayed in bed so long that morning, so i read The Virgin Suicides. I will be getting the movie through interlibrary loan this week, as well. I had meant to go to church this Sunday (still haven’t been since i got home) but i woke up 5 minutes after the service had started. And here i thought once i was home i would sleep on a normal schedule. Sigh. I really will go next Sunday, though, for Children’s Sunday. And hopefully next Saturday i really will get down to the Food Pantry. (I volunteered there on Saturday mornings for 5 or 6 years, and the people who work there really like me and like to hear how i’m doing. “We expect great things from you,” Barbara said when i saw her at the library recently. Yeah, no pressure or anything. I kinda like the fact that so many people expect great things from me. It reminds me that i should expect great things from myself.)

Graduation was at 2:00 on Sunday. It was a beautiful day out, and i know a fair amount of this year’s seniors, so i went. As my dad and i headed up the hill, rain began to sprinkle. My dad was annoyed because he had laundry out on the line, and of course it would suck for the graduation ceremony. It stopped and then started again, getting really hard for a while as we stood in the parking lot and watched the graduates file onto the field. Then it stopped again. It rained a bit once more early in the ceremony. About half the families there put up umbrellas. How did they know it was going to rain? All the weather i’d been hearing since like Wednesday said a front was gonna come through on Friday and it was going to be a beautiful weekend. (Sidenote: When i graduated last June, rain was threatened, so they had graduation indoors. I turned out to be a gorgeous sunny day.) Anyway, it was a nice ceremony. I couldn’t find too many people afterward, but that’s okay. I remember that from graduation last year. One person i did see was Dan Saltzberg. (Class of 1999. His sister Stephanie graduated this year.) Still the cutest boy ever. He remembered me and hugged me, numerous times. That was nice. He is proof that i really can get over hardcore crushes.

I finally visited the high school yesterday. I spent four and a half hours there and really only spent time with four, six if you stretch it, teachers. I have to go back and visit again next week. Especially because one of the teachers i really wanted to see is in Nebraska grading AP exams this week.

Got mail from the Smith Office of the Registrar yesterday. Included good stuff like a calendar of dates for next year and information about fall check-in. Also included my grades. Hey, i passed Milton.

ENG 170 The English Language: A-
ENG 199 Introduction to Literary Study: A-
ENG 228 Milton: C-
WST 100 Issues in Queer Studies: B+

Term GPA: 3.1
Cumulative GPA: 3.16

Anything over a 3.0 and i’m content, though i would like to pull it up to a 3.5 by the end of my undergraduate career.

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So i watched Blade last night.

Obviously i was comparing the mythos to that of Buffy. I was annoyed at amount of people left bleeding to death. It’s so sloppy and inefficient to just bite a person and then leave the body having drunk barely any blood. I much prefer Buffy’s “It’s a mutual sucking thing,” but the myth of bite = turned has a long history. I had heard the running water myth in a really good young adult novel the name of which i can’t think of (It had an interesting explanation about nature rejecting the unnatural.) and i thought the silver one was only for werewolves. I like that crosses didn’t work. It’s such a Christianity-is-the-ultimate-truth-and-good idea. But i digress.

Some quick bits.

1. Abraham Whistler? Joss must have been thinking of Blade.
2. Deacon Frost looked so much like Lindsay McDonald (Christian Kane’s character in Angel).
3. Pearl. Now i understand why so many people cried “Blade” at Balthazar in “Bad Girls” (BtVS 3.14).

And some inconsistences.

1. The Spirits of the Twelve. Doesn’t that mean they needed the spirits of all twelve of those old guys? But Frost killed one of them, and then at the ceremony that blond chick killed another one.
2. Why did Whistler kill himself when he knew the girl had come up with a possible cure?
3. Okay, this one’s really picky, but i swear that when Frost was wearing sunblock he didn’t have any on his neck. Aren’t the makeup artists supposed to notice stuff like that?

Oh the Angel parallels.

First, obviously, a vampire who isn’t quite a vampire, who actually hunts vampires. (Also obviously parallel to chipped-Spike.)
Then he does have the chance to become fully human, though it means giving up his strength and everything. Oh, can’t do that. Must fight the good fight. Just screaming “I Will Remember You” (Angel 1.8).

I tried not to think too much about the racial implications. The person who is wise, the voice of reason, who becomes something of a martyr, is a white male. The warrior is a black male. His animalism comes out later. Yes, the evil guy is a white male, and i don’t know how exactly one would deal with the two black female characters (one good, one bad), but i’m definitely becoming a Smithie. There’s also the fact that the Twelve seemed mostly Russian and Asian. I half-expected the movie to be made during the Cold War, subtle anti-Communist propaganda... but maybe i’m overthinking this.

I’m really tempted to take the "It's my life" icon jerryjenkins made for posts in which i display my Whedonverse obsession. That would require a paid account, though, as it would be a fourth picture. Anyone wanna spend $25 on me just so i can have lots of icons? Yeah, didn’t think so.
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