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So i read the smithies community friendspage, and it frustrates me to read entries that are so angry but don’t necessarily seem to have much thought behind them. This is a rare thoughtful post. But really, the war is going to be a separate post. (I will link to the amusing Entertainment Weekly take on the French/freedom renaming issue here, though.)

We know Marc Steinberg reads the Jolt, but this is closer to "four kinds of creepy."

Speaking of the Jolt,
smith professor quotes
"I've been teaching here for 28 years, and let me make this perfectly clear: I started teaching when I was twelve."
-Professor Skarda
Also, i don’t watch the Academy Awards, because generally i don’t care, but i want details on this Michael Moore incident. [edited to say yay for /friendsfriends -- Yahoo news report, acceptance speech from Oscar.com, and a backstage comment]

Everyone loves away messages.

I like this post. She talks about how even very literalist Christians don’t apply everything in the Bible to today.
"do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable" (leviticus 18:22). (josh likes to add here that of course one doesn't lie with a man as one lies with a woman; it's a completely different experience! but i don't think that's what moses was talking about.)


yup, i'm talking about fundamentalist christians. they say they take the bible literally, but somehow they've managed to skip over major chapters of it. if genesis says that God created the earth in seven discrete 24-hour periods, and if i'm an abomination because a verse of leviticus says so, then why is the rest of leviticus not literally true? why do fundamentalists eat bacon? cut their hair? get big-ass religious tattoos? wear cotton/poly blends? (not just a crime against fashion--a crime against God!) and, more importantly, why are they not sacrificing goats?! i want to see some bloody altars, people! and the bible says that you can sacrifice pigeons if you can't afford goats, and if that's the case, i have a whole new pest control initiative for new york city, and any other interested metropolitan area.

sexonastick says: “It seems that every fandom's been taking their turn at creating snarky icons.”
MY FANDOM eats you starting with your bottom.

I like some of the Harry Potter ones:
“My fandom is full of pedophiles.”
“Our dark-haired hero is better than your dark-haired hero.”
“My fandom thinks I’m a prepubescent slut.”

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