Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"if you need to crash then crash and burn you're not alone"

Why am i an English major? I don't like any of the classes?

No, wait, why am i a student? Fall semester offerings are nothing.

Yes, registration packet in my mailbox today. Doug is teaching ENG 200 and i'm not sure what else. Michael's teaching the Modern British Poetry class i've already taken and ENG 199 (which i also already took, with a different professor). The offerings for all the departments are horrible. Here's what my fall schedule looks like.

SPN 366 Federico Garcia Lorca TR 3-4:50pm
I'm intimidated because i haven't taken a Spanish lit class (or done anything serious with my Spanish) since Fall '01.

ESS 955 Self-Defense M 7:30-9:10pm
1 credit and yes i really will go. (This semester i figure it's just as well because if i were taking this class i couldn't go to the Lenten book study.)

AAS 245 Harlem Renaissance TR 1-2:30pm
Kevin Quashie. Need i say more?

LOG 100 Valid & Invalid Reasoning MWF 11-12:10pm
I am hoping this class lives up to Annie and Marnie's hype and also that it doesn't kick my ass.

RUS 336 Russian Fairy Tales W 7:30-9:30pm
I am assuming, hoping, this is in translation 'cause woot, fairy tales. (Which reminds me, must e-mail Betsey Harries about offering her Gender & Fairy Tales class again.)

ENG 120 The Gothic in Literature TR 10:30-11:50am
Just because. If anyone thinks Nora Crow is the devil or anything, warn me know.

For those keeping score, that's 21 credits. And Dean Bruzelius gave me the paperwork to transfer my Oxford credits no problem, so that will bring my total extra credits to 15 (1 credit shy of an entire semester load) assuming i don't drop anything this fall (and i am keeping dropping as a serious possibility). And yet i'm not accelerating. Why am i insane?

I should also attend one of those PRAXIS workshops (mandatory to get PRAXIS funding) -- which requires unearthing the e-mail and comparing it with my schedule -- and pull out that list of places i might want/get an internship at and apply to some more of them.

Bruzelius said that the Student Aid Society rarely gives one person more than $500, just because they don't have that much money, but i might be able to swing $750 ($150 per UMass credit). I e-mailed Don Andrew (International Study Office) as to how much i might expect from there, because the form says, "checks may not be issued if you are not granted the full amount requested," and he said, "Until I have your app, I don't know how much I can give you, and until I have all the apps (after Apr 11) I don't know how much I can give to each. The point is not to ask for more than you absolutely need to be able to go. For now, just submit the form." So i'm gonna finalize my budget and hopefully get these apps mailed off before the weekend.

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