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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

While we're looking at my academic future...

We have a house meeting this Sunday. Someone (who misspelled my last name, but really who doesn't?) nominated me for SAA. I'm flattered. But do i want to do this?


Student Academic Advisers are responsible for helping entering students with their transition to academic life at Smith. As a Student Academic Adviser you will be working directly with new students and assisting pre-major advisers during orientation and registration. This includes holding house meetings and being available for advice during orientation. You are expected to return early for SAA training which begins Monday, August 25, 2003.

Your responsibilities as an SAA do not end when orientation is over. During the academic year, you are expected to provide advice and guidance on academic matters, to discuss the possibility and advisability of schedule changes, and to help with any other academic concerns the other students in your house may have. You should be able to act as an information resource on academic policies, deadlines, the Honor Code, the Jacobson Center, and the libraries. Throughout the year you will be expected to make or post announcements about academic deadlines, Catalogue updates and other memos from the administration, and assist in the distribution of ASPECTS forms and books. You are also responsible for any duties assigned to you by your House Constitution.

If you have any questions about the SAA position, please contact Tom Riddell, Associate Dean of the College and Dean of the First-Year Class, or Anne Miller ’03, current Head of SAA’s.

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