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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

decisions, decisions

Jessie offered up the positions of English Department liaisons for next year (co- with Ariana, who did it this year and also does Bodywise), contingent upon continuing the tradition started tonight of a faculty&staff poetry reading (hopefully done in the future through the Poetry Center since that would be really helpful in a lot of ways), and she claims to have offered it to the two most brilliant people she knows (yeah, i think she actually said that). One was the intimidatingly brilliant woman i was sitting next to, but the other one was me. I was incredibly flattered. Since when did people start thinking so highly of me? [Update: Charlotte has been nominated for SAA as well, and i think she would be much better than i would.] I agree with Jessica (who at some point during our conversation said, “I still think you’re wonderful” which made me so happy) that “I can’t think of a good reason to say No, but I don’t know if that’s a good enough reason to say Yes,” so i’m holding off on deciding until after the weekend, but i expect i’ll say yes. Yes, my current decision is that Marnie and Charlotte will be Lamont House SAAs and Jessica and i will be English Department liasons. Sounds good to me.

It was wonderful to chat with both of them for like 2 hours afterward. [There is talk of my being here for Senior Week, given the lack of free time prior to then. I must bring all my belongings back to my suburb, but conceivably i could return and squat with someone. Do we have thoughts?]

Note: English Department professors to avoid, by consensus from the two Jessicas:
1) Nancy Bradbury
2) Nora Crow
3) Gillian Kendall

Betsey Harries is teaching "Fairy Tales and Gender" (CLT 235) Spring 2004. Woot.

Jessica and i are doing our thesis on Michael Thurston’s marital status. :)

I still want to have a LiveJournal party. I’m thinking a Saturday night in Al-Cap. (Yes, i’m thinking after dinner, but i’ll listen to arguments for an afternoon.) But which Saturday?

April 5 - Spring Weekend
April 12 - I’m in Boston.
April 19 - Easter Weekend
April 26
May 3 - Reading Period

So i’m thinking April 26.

Sharon says if i see Marla at Beantown Zinetown i should tell her she says Hi. It occurred to me later that i’ve read some of Marla’s zines and that i think she sent me a note praising highly HEY, You in the Red!. It would be lovely to chat with her, because really going, browsing, purchasing, leaving, is not my idea of a fabulous afternoon at a zine event.

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