Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"Players" (Angel 4.16)

[thoughts on the epsode as i watched]

Aw, poor Connor. He's so 15 years old. And i really do feel for the boy.

Angel looks suspicious. And i love that he has the exact same look every time we cut to him. Would be funny if they just reused the exact same frame every time.

"You've never had anything growing inside of you." Cut to Fred. Cuts are meaningful. Does this mean Fred had an abortion (or a child who is for whatever reason no longer with her)?

Creepy squirming belly... my first thought was that Joss worked on one of the Alien movies.

Yay for the boy actually being suspicious, having a brain. I think his being blinded by the, well, everything, of the situation.

"I'm the Beast's master." That was my *shock* moment. Angel didn't even flinch. Well-done on Cordy's part. And his ragging on the "cheesy" master was fun. Almost seemed as if he was doing more than he really needed, like rubbing it in, needling her, like he knew.

Ah, so Lorne's empathy has been blocked. He got a reading from Angelus, though, so they still need to explain that misreading.

After Fred talks about ConCord being the squick... "They were both lost, alienated from those they loved..." Hello subtext.

Props to Gunn's situation save.

"Shouldn't she be tied up?" Maybe she wasn't kidnapped at all. Gwen wouldn't lie, though, would she? Oh, look, she did. I'm so surprised. (The sarcasm was obvious there, right?)

Gunn, dude, just leave. That girl's people are gonna have you so dead. "You can keep the suit." This is the man who sold his soul for a truck after all.

When she first said, "You CAN'T have it" i thought she had attached it to herself and it was one of those Glove of Mynhegon [yes i did actually have to look up just what the glove was called] kinda things. My guess for the rationale was more along the lines of the Cordy plotline, that her freakdom was somehow killing her, and she needed to regulate it.

Aw, an almost pep talk about how Gunn is more than just "the muscle." (And i just need to mention, 'cause i haven't, that i love the character of Gwen, and this episode made me a big fan of the Gwen-Gunn interaction, how they relate to each other and stuff.)

"It's not always about holding hands." And can i just say that his hand on her back must be one of the most erotic things ever, since she has never felt more than the most momentary human touch. And they really do have a gratuitous sex scene!!!

If this has been Lorne's first time in the credits i would have said "He's gonna die!" Well-done. And good to see the gang isn't quite so oblivious as they had previously seemed.

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