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Massachusetts reps will vote on anti-gay proposal June 19th.



There is an anti-gay Constitutional Amendment up for a vote in the Massachusetts Legislature on June 19th. Under the guise of "clarifying the definition of marriage," it will permanently outlaw any kind of legal protection for same-sex couples and any children they have -- even domestic partner health insurance. Simple decencies like bereavement leave, hospital visitation, and survivor benefits would be unconstitutional.

Can this really happen in Massachusetts? Yes. Believe it or not, even if a majority of the legislature votes our way, the measure can still pass and turn into one of those ugly statewide ballot questions. All the anti-gay forces need on June 19th is 25% of the legislature to vote "Yes." Can we get enough votes to stop it? It's going to be very close - but yes, we can win.

You can make a big difference with one seemingly small act: contact your state senators and representatives and ask them to vote "No." We've made contacting them very, very easy for you. Just click on the link below. It will take you to the MassEquality.org website. You can compose an email to your reps right there, have the system automatically identify who your reps are - and send your email off instantly.

Some people may be personally uncomfortable with gay people. They have a right to feel that way. But, they should not expect the state to pass mean spirited laws to validate their feelings. Or worse, make their personal discomfort a permanent part of our state Constitution. Please pass this request for help along to your friends and family, gay and straight, and ask them to speak up, too. Thanks.



Thank you,
Sarah Bennett
MassEquality.org, The Campaign for Equality
(617) 859-0325


I personally prefer physical letters. People pay more attention to them.

You can use this site to look up the addresses of your representatives.
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