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No kidding.

Today is the one-year anniversary of my having a LiveJournal (thanks to athene).

I was going to write some long essay on the dynamics of my LiveJournaling but decided against it. I am a big fan of TruePenny’s manifesto, though:
This is my mantra: I am writing these posts on the tails of an armada of kites--dragonflies and cranes and glorious dragons--and letting the kites go. If someone else finds one of my kites, reads the post, and enjoys it, that's fantastic. If they send a kite back to me, that's even better. But the point is not the answer; the point is sending the kites in the first place. (In other words, the LJ is not a popularity contest. I will not obsess about it.)

Pursuant to this conceptualization, I am making myself three promises.

1. I will not dumb myself down or apologize for being smart.

2. I will not be embarrassed or defensive about liking something which other people think is a piece of shit, or vice versa.

3. I will choose what I want to write about but I will not censor myself. My vocabulary can range across as many registers as it damn well pleases. I will not be afraid to say what I think.
Also, i want color schemes for the people on my friendslist. Oblige me?
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