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This makes how many posts in one day?

Yup, so i went for my walk today. Saw the display, for Gay Pride Week -- which is May 31 - June 9, longer than a technical week, but whatever. It's actually a three-sided display, and two of the sides looked like someone had mowed the lawn around them. So i wiped the bits of grass off of the glass (or plastic; i don't know what it was) and felt better.

Saw Jonah and Santara on my way back, so we hung out for a while. Then Santara's friend Erica came to pick her up. After introductions Erica asked me what i'm majoring in. I said English and she said, "Oh, are you thinking of going into publishing?" and that just totally endeared her to me, that her assumption wasn't that i was going to go into teaching (like everyone's always is).

I stopped in at the library on my way home and arrived home just in time to leave for Education Night. It was the same as it always was, and i didn't care too much since i didn't know many of the kids who had work displayed or who got awards, but that was okay. Smith got a real work-up when the Smith Book Award was given "committed to educating young women since 1871" and such like. I don't remember such an introduction when i got the award two years ago. Though of course at the time i was a bit anxious trying to guess who would get which award and such, while tonight i could just relax. And of course, Mrs. DeCoste mentioned that i was there in the audience. I think that was part of why she talked a fair amount about the college. Usually they just read the requirements for the award and then read all the accomplishments of the recipient (and then they name the person who got it -- so you can have fun trying to guess while they're reading all the stuff). I didn't know the girl (Kimberly Reardon) who got this year's Smith Book Award, but i knew some of the other juniors who got Book Awards, so that was cool.

Mr. Usevich gave some sort of award to this guy, Bucky Sexton, class of '72 or something. I'm a little unclear on why. That's such a Norwood thing, to give an award to someone who graduated ages ago just for being a good person or whatever. This where i live, townie heaven. Oh well.

And then Joe DaSilva. President of NHS class of 1998, then president of West Point class of 2002. Great guy and all that, i hear. West Point tradition is that when you graduate you give your tarbucket (that funny military hat) to someone who inspired you. He talked about how great NHS was and how much he loved it and everyone and how difficult it was to choose a single person to give it to, so i was beginning to fear that he was going to give it to Mr. Usevich (NHS principal) as symbolic of giving it to everyone who works at the high school. But he gave it to Mr. Powell, who was very surprised but gave a very good speech anyway. He sounded choked up, and i actually cried. Hearing Joe talk and then Mr. Powell reminded me of why i talk seriously about coming back here to live, because there is so much love here. So many people have wonderful experiences here. Yeah, high school will not go down as the greatest 4 years of my life, and i don't expect to maintain close friendships with very many of the people i knew here, but there is a lot of love and support and community and such here. And of course Mr. Powell joked that he hears Joe gave the President a shiny sword (Bush gave the commencement speech at West Point and gave Joe his diploma) and all he gets is a 4-year-old hat. :)

[My mom came over and hugged me while i was IMing tonight and said "Not reading" to indicate that she wasn't reading over my shoulder -- reading over people's shoulders is a BIG no-no in my family -- so she was watching me type and after a little while said, "You're not using homerow are you? That's the fastest I've seen anyone type without homerowing." Go me! (Though of course as she pointed out, "Think how much faster you could type if you did use homerow." I just can't win, huh?)]

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