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When i got up this morning there was "We <3 you!" on my dry-erase board, and that made me happy.

The e-mail i got from the Russian Fairy Tales professor, however, did not make me happy:
The course is in Russian. The requirement is 3rd-yar Russian or
permission of the instructor. If you have any questions, please get
back to me.
So i am on the search for a 4th class. The MW(F) 9-10:20 block looks best. The Renaissance Gender Debate (CLT 221 w/ Ann Jones)? Approaching the Body (one of the Art 101s) ? There’s an Ethics class that could be cool, but 8 in the morning is so not cool. ENG 200 is tempting ‘cause it’s Doug, but there’s also a Wednesday 2:40-4 component, and that’s a lot on top of MWF 9-9:50. Plus, Middle Ages to 18th century? What am i thinking? Intro to Macroeconomics and Intro to Microeconomics are both offered MWF 9-9:50. Is it sick that i’m most excited about those two options? (Because really, i am my father’s clone daughter.)

Also, i am really irked by the whole “one senior per sophomore” thing for Senior Banquet.

I have no focus, but boatloads of stuff to do. Let’s summarize:
  • Women’s Studies
    • one 5-7 page paper
    • 2 papers of as yet unspecified length

  • Language Acquisition
    • research/analysis paper (which i just noticed only has to be 5 pages long -- Hallelujah!)
    • final exam

  • American Literature
    • 5-7 page paper
    • final exam

  • Sociology of Crime
    • exam
    • group presentation
    • The Big Caper
I will post about Angel with many exclamation marks shortly, but first i have to tell you... Zohra just came by my room and asked if i would still be interested in being SAA. She will be flying from Tanzania and hasn’t been able to get a flight that would get her back here in time for the training. I, of course, am happy to take the position. I told her sincerely that i was sorry it didn’t work out for her since she wanted to do it, but she said she was sure the first-years would be in good hands. :)
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