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"Shiny Happy People" (Angel 4.18)

There was a prolonged scream from everyone in the room at the preview for next week.

And as for this week's episode, as Meredith said, "Next week's Buffy is going to be a huge disappointment after this, regardless of actual episode quality."

Jasmine makes a quality Messiah. I can just see the writers going through the Bible and pulling out lines. When she was talking about ridding the world of evil(doers) i thought of cults and crazy fundamentalists. When she talked about peace i thought about the KKK in Birth of a Nation co-opting Jesus Prince of Peace.

Interesting story she tells about the origins of the world. Could well be true.

I'll be really excited when a transcript of this episode is available so i can look at all the Biblical language as well as her story of The Beginning. (I was so saying, "Before the Bang, before the Word...") when she started that story.

Whereas the world made Glory crazy, Jasmine glories in the world. Interesting. Of course, she chose to enter while Glory was forced in.

OMG "The Trial" retcon! Obviously Joss hasn't had this planned out for years, but i like that how they work previous plotlines into this "it's all been planned since the Beginning" thing.

Wonder what her plan is. I mean, besides the cultishness, she's being a quality Messiah -- peace and love and not harming people (well mostly).

Connor looked so femme-y and Angel's shirt was enough to make people wanna go blind. I was glad Fred had the scales fall when she did because one can only take the "enchontment" cheeze for so long. [I liked Jasmine's outfit, though.]

Wes and Gunn "have the same love." My fandom loves subtext almost as much as text.

When Fred went to see Stoller i thought, "It's like the psych ward in S5." People have pointed out that it's not being "called" (because Fred was all worshippy for a while, but something -- and i hope we find out sometime down the road -- triggered her, and obviously something happens to Angel in the next episode) but being crazy (or having a history of being crazy). Thanks to trijinx for the quotage from "Blood Ties":
DAWN: "The key is not directly described in any known literature, but all research indicates an energy matrix vibrating at a dimensional frequency beyond normal human perception. Only those outside reality can see the key's true nature." Outside reality. What's that mean?
SPIKE: Mm. Second-sight blokes, mostly. Or even just your run-of-the-mill lunatics.
Oh, how stupid was Fred to tell Wesley. They're under her spell you fool! You wanna get a knife without anyone noticing you doing so, then get close, because of course they all trust you, and then stab her.

Fred driving alone just before dawn was so X-Files (The truth is out there... trust no one... the whole her and Stoller thing was so X-Files). Ooh, the power of television.

And speaking of societal statements, all the guys are out fighting while Cordelia "rests," Jasime looks pretty, and Fred scrubs out a shirt? Remember Angel's "protecting the womenfolk" Indiana Jones dream? Joss, we like you when you're a feminist.

Ooh, Jasmine touching the "called" guy burned his face. (At the time it happened, when he was moaning for her to not touch him, i thought she was gonna burn the evil out of him. [Hello me and my Greek myths.]) Has she really not touched anyone else so far? [She and The First, yo. Though if her story is true, she's actually before Good and Evil. But of course, we know she's badness, so she's not necessarily honest, and there was vaguery as to just how Good and Evil came about.] If there really were a chosenness, it would make sense that her touch would burn, but Fred disproves the "calling" theory 'cause she was way worshipful for a while.

And see, i knew it wasn't a return to broody, guilty Angel. It was dorky!Angel as i had thought. Like the shout-out to the perfect happiness clause.

Okay, i'm an Impressionism dork. The painting that was mostly obscured by Jasmine in the beginning of the scene in her Diva room, was that the poppies painting i like? It's one of the paintings from the "Impressionist room" at the MFA. And then Water Lilies got central viewage later on. Lorne has good taste.

Oh, and another word (or 6 or 23) on the preview: we enjoy the recurring "Mandy" joke (and wonder if Lorne has -- and to what extent he lost/had stifled -- his empathic powers back).
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