Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

I have been on news hiatus since March 16 for various reasons.

But i do read the e-mails my dad sends me -- eventually. I may end up posting relevant bits, but i suspect that by the time i get around to it, much will not be relevant anymore.

Recently there's interesting stuff about horrors of Iraq not being reported by reporters who knew about them. Eason Jordan of CNN wrote a NYTimes piece coming clean about it, and people have written criticizing his rationale. [edited to link to various other reactions: Instapundit one, two, [oops, i missed one] three, four, five; Volokh one, two, three, four]

[In WST class today we talked a bit about the Phillipines and their history with the U.S., and i was reminded of how important it is to know history, to understand how history influence the present. This is something most people, myself included, unfortunately don't really get when in high school, so we don't pay much attention and have to learn it all later on when we finally realize the importance. Lots of different issues have come up throughout this Iraq situation, and i've realized that i can't just pick individual issues/situations to learn about, because everything is so interrelated. I want to start reading about what's going on the world. And i'm all about the varied news sources. We discussed the budget and what gets how much in class the other day, and speaking about one portion, Wendy said, "I guess the UN payments we never make would be included in that." I was under the impression that we have actually given lots of money to the United Nations. I get disturbed by some things i hear from the Left -- like in class today, that only US corporations got to bid on all the Iraq rebuilding contracts -- because i fear they're true, but i get disturbed by other things because i suspect they're not.]

Relatedly... Oh. My. God. This makes me want to cry.

[edit the umpteenth: San Jose Mercury News, Los Angeles Times, NPR (twice), Chicago Tribune, National Geographic, BBC, CNN -- those are all on the opening page of this media watchdog site right now; this disturbs me]
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