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"And so I asked the light of the day, What's this rush for heaven?"

stumbledhere said:
hi. please attribute quotes to those who have said them. plagiarism is not cool.


Okay. stumbledhere was the one i was quoting with "don't fuck with me, don't fuck with my friends, and don't parade your ignorance around like it's some sort of badge of honor."

She also repeatedly quotes without attribution the Le Tigre song "TGIF" (All my friends are fucking bitches, best known for burning bridges. Do you need a character witness? I'm proud to be associated with you.) which also appears (still without attribution) in a post of mine.

I quoted Dar Williams' song "As Cool As I Am" (I'm not that petty... I will not be afraid of women...) at length as well as Ani DiFranco's "both hands" ( in each other's shadows we grew less and less tall... eventually our theories couldn’t explain it all) in the same post in which i quoted stumbledhere.

Are we good now?

Honestly, boommonkeypants may not "have time for this nonsense," but i'm sick of this passive-aggressive bullshit. I try really hard not to make personal disagreements into public spectacles, but it's really tempting to post a full-out upfront "here's the deal" kind of post. I'm all about interrogating situations and engaging people, so things like defriending people you've known for a long time without offering them an explanation bother me. However, i think my friends have the right idea in just letting people go if they want to cut you out of their lives. There are people i would pursue, but some people are just not worth it.

i am walking out in the rain and i am listening to the low moan of the dial tone again and i am getting nowhere with you and i can't let it go and i can't get through... ("both hands" again)

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