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notes from the day

I think i got a nice solid C on my Soc exam. This morning i slept later than i’d meant to (because i totally haven’t gotten enough sleep recently) and skipped the Women Mystics class i’m auditing to study for my Soc exam. For two days i have stared uncomprehendingly at the pages and left the book open in front of me hoping i could utilize some sort of osmosis. So the time i would have been in class i helped my brother edit his application essay for National Honor Society (that boy can write) and fumed at LJ immaturity. This is my life. It was so warm out today. High of 82 i think it was. And walking home at 11:30pm i still didn’t need my sweatshirt. Craziness. I wore my t-shirt that says "smart is sexy" --dana scully (which i got for only $4 from wendy of subject to change zine at BZ4) which makes me happy, though it doesn’t actually make me smart ;)

I am a cheap whore. The following (thanks, lilithchilde) makes me way too happy:
"No. Unfortunately not."
-- Actor Ewan McGregor, asked by Out magazine if he ever had sex with a man, in the April issue.
Our imaginary co-authored thesis will be titled The Decapitalization of Luv. Yea verily i say so.

Going over some old stuff i read this and came across the following from my mom. It’s an exchange from early February between her boss and his young daughter, who turns four in November.
“Hi, Muffin.”
“Hello, pancake. And Mommy is a waffle. And Nolee is an egg.”
(Nolee is her nanny.) The way kids play with words is just wonderful.

After dinner i fixed Jane’s computer (changed the settings so it doesn’t go into standby). I like when i can be helpful in a simple easy way.

Layna was coming back to her room right when i left Jane’s room, so i got to hang out with her and her sister Liz until they left for the poetry reading -- which i could have gone to had i known in advance Buffy would be postponed. *glares*

Inquiring minds want to know where i got the phrase “of the good.”

So, there’s a proposal to change the female pronouns in the SGA constitution to “the student.” Some people get all freaked out like we’re gonna start admitting biological males or something. They just want the SGA constitution to accurately reflect the entire student body, since that’s what the SGA is supposed to do. In my more aggravated moments, i side with the Jolter who said i move we change all pronouns to 'the fucker'

Today’s professor quote on the Jolt:
" Who owns your orgasm? And this is not a rhetorical question."
Prof Pat Miller Soc 210a Deviant Behavior at the start of her lecture on homophobia
I’ve gotta take that class sometime.

"lame faux drama from people who i don't really expect better of anyway" -stumbledhere
I am insulted. Every time i begin a reply, though, it falls apart. Why am i even trying with someone who can’t deal with people to their faces? That’s it. I’m done. For real. Because seriously, it really is "lame faux drama from people who i don't really expect better of anyway."

I have not yet seen Buffy episode 7.18 “Dirty Girls.” Do not tell me what happens in it. (And um, UPN, showing a repeat next week is not helping you into anyone’s good graces.)
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