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"The Magic Bullet" (Angel 4.19)

Okay, nice double meaning on the title. The bookstore was called The Magic Bullet but it turned out that the guy was hypnotized just like everyone else. Fred has an epiphany regarding the bloody shirt and we get slow-mo bullet action. I was disappointed that the more sophisticated fan-wank didn't turn out to the explanation, but it makes sense. "'Cause it's always gotta be blood." And it occurred to me that there wasn't necessarily a time delay with Fred because she wasn't around Jasmine for that stretch when she was washing the shirt. Okay, i thought they were gonna kill Cordy 'cause they suspected there was a mystical link between her and Jasmine but no, they just wanted some of her blood (Angel, i'm so sick of your uber-love for Cordy. I am in denial about the fact that the WB in the promo for next week called her something like his greatest love ever.) because there's a blood-link -- like Dawn and Buffy ("More than family... my sister, my daughter... She's me. The Monks made her out of me. I hold her and I feel closer to her than... It's more than just the memories they built, it's physical, it's... Dawn is a part of me."). And when Jasmine went all glowy i remembered that Dawn was pure green energy, no? I'm loving the Season 5 redux. [Copius quotage and various theories following last week's episode can be found here. Ooh, pulling up the post reminded me that i squeed at Fred's reference to last week's episode title.] Hmm, doesn't quite seem like it worked on Connor. Nope, it didn't. Hey, he already has a blood-link, no? I mean, he's Jasmine's "father." Will be interesting to see how that works.

Okay, as i mentioned re: the promo last week, we love the recurring "Mandy" joke. Also, i knew the Fred/Angel kiss would be some sort of fake-out. When she was all "I'm alone and frightened" i said, "Like Pylea." They're both alone now, and i thought of triangulation of desire, something i was thinking about since Jasmine's "you have the same love." It's this theory i learned about in Queer Studies which i don't really like which basically says that sometimes when 2 people are ostensibly both vying for the affections of a 3rd party they are really attracted to each other. But nope, this one was a total fake-out. "Do you think they bought it?" "I did." Insert Quality Meredith Scream #1.

"What happened to those people?" "I ate them." "Cool." Okay, so obviously we were wondering from the first what she did with those people. (I was a big fan of the evil undertones to a lot of what she said this episode, incidentally, how you could tell there was an edge to her voice.) I figured she drained them of energy somehow, but because i'm a perv i wondered if she made them have sex or something and drained them of the energy created by sex ("Where the Wild Things Are," anyone?)

The holding hands, sharing energy, mystical link, thing totally reminded me of The Blending -- a 6-book fantasy series by Sharon Green which i read last summer. In that series, actually, sex helped strengthen the bonds, and they got do to a Captain Planet esque merging thingy. Also, one might wonder how they knew the blood worked: you can feel when you're no longer part of that mystical mind link thing. I know this has been used in things i wish i could think of. Professor X of X-Men is one. [edit: I was remembering how the sharp jerky movements of the people at the motel were really frightening and i thought about my search for an analogy and i thought of zombies and then it occurred to me... The Borg! That's the perfect analogy for Jasmine and her peoples. Also, does Jasmine honestly believe that cohabiting body thing has "painful sideffects" or whatever, or was she just being evasive? And where am i remembering that whole inhabit-someone's-body-so-you-can-see-what-they-see-but-you-also-feel-what-they-feel-and-get-stigmata-kinda-stuff from?]

Okay, so Jasmine has an epiphany re: the blood. This means she didn't know beforehand (honestly didn't know what turned Fred, wanted to find out, wanted to bring her back to the fold -- let's not even start on how they're appropriating language etc. from every cult ever). So why the aversion to doctors/hospitals? Afraid the instruments would show something weird doesn't work because she can mellow everyone into acceptance and love and all that happpy stoned-out goodness.

Okay, that's all i can remember. I forget what prompted Quality Meredith Scream #2. I'm intrigued by the promo for next week, especially as the episode is titled "Sacrifice." This is why people avoid casting spoilers.
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