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"How can I thank you, you mysterious, black-clad hunk of a night thing?"

We make our own fun.

The love of my life may is across the way in Los Angeles and Spike is just so convenient. Tomorrow morning the necessary item will be shipped to South America. ;)

OMG, Soc class today was fabulous. The first group did a Jeopardy-esque thing, which was cool, and the group i was a part of kicked so much ass. Then the second group, poked fun at all of Kim’s quirks and funny incidents which have happened in this class over the course of the entire semester. HYSTERICAL. And Kim is so totally one of those professors you can do that with. Oh, and she usually ends class giving us a couple of Blue Laws, so they did the same, and the first one was: “In the state of Massachusetts, especially in Sociology departments, it is illegal to assign group projects with groups or more than 5 people.” WORD!

Um, i think it has ceased being news that i want to drop out of school. I won’t, of course, but i am so tired of research papers and all this other school stuff.

zzrg mentioned the frequent plant references in this week’s Angel episode, and i was thinking just now of the Monet paintings in Jasmine’s diva quarters. And now there is talk about the mythology of blindness and seeing stemming from the ending of this week’s Buffy episode. I am fascinated by other people’s theories re: the Whedonverse and could spend hours researching and dissecting. This is because i care, though. I mostly don’t care about literature, at least not the literature we do in English classes. I think the only literature i could really get excited about “close reading” for would be some epic series, because (as we keep seeing in my politics/religion) i’m so all about the big picture, so i’m really interested in the details of how grand schemes/major arcs work. I couldn’t be a cultural studies major because i can’t do the “How are gender/race/sex(uality)/class operating in this media? Who controls these representations? Who is the audience? etc.” for any extended period of time. I should be a public policy or government major, but i would get depressed and i need the ability to opt out of the news whenever i need it. So basically, i’ll be an English major because it’s the only major i can deal with fulfilling.

I understand now why people get so unmotivated, feeling like their schoolwork is pointless and they would rather be doing anything else. Because i feel like that. lilithchilde thought i was feverish or a pod person or something. Do i really give off this “I’m an academic/scholar” vibe? Okay, so i guess the “I take 9 million classes” and the “I analyze everything and want lots of evidence and arguments for all sides” could lead one to such a conclusion. The “I don’t wanna do any work. I liked high school when i got good grades without effort, and i flail in frustration and apathy whenever i have to put serious effort in” just doesn’t get enough airtime. I’m good at the thinking, for sure, but the schoolwork? not so much. I just wanna be out in the real world where i can be brilliant on my own terms.

beneath the good and the kind and the stupid and the cruel
there's a fire that's just waiting for fuel

I was reminded again that not everyone lives in my head, nor has even been a part of my life for an extended period of time. In the interest of preventing confusion, Joe is a junior at UNH and i adore him. Jonah is a junior at my high school and a friend of mine. Joe is usually who i’m referring to when i talk about “my boy.”

I keep thinking i should have a nice “My Life and My World: A Primer” but it’s so much more fun to just deal with things as the confusion arises, no? :)

Okay, if i can just make it through until next Saturday i should be okay. After that all i have is the Big Caper, 2 Women’s Studies papers, and 2 exams (due at various dates over the course of 2 weeks). Within the week upcoming i have 3 papers, a Soc presentation, and Senior Banquet, among other things.

Oh, and i meant to post this a while back when i first saw it: Millionth LJ user.

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