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April 2002 - hermionesviolin
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by hermionesviolin:

11:10 pm: o happy day
11:15 pm: dilemmas - 2 comments

11:46 pm: on expectations - 2 comments

04:04 pm: more on expectations, and connections
07:37 pm: and the connections just keep on coming... - 1 comment

09:24 pm: Joe says, "I took that and it said I was neopagan"

02:16 pm: I am a rising sophomore....
07:54 pm: Rebecca says, "someone's miss popular"

11:42 am: a jumbled update - 5 comments
10:52 pm: another jumble

12:35 am: and the addiction spreads...
06:16 pm: YAWP - 2 comments
10:47 pm: "What about your shoes? Do they serve some sort of orthopedic function?"

03:05 am: (no subject) - 1 comment

02:35 am: “i planted my dusty boots on the bumper, sat out on the hood and looked up at the sky”
10:45 am: You've got to be kidding me
01:15 pm: pet peeve of the day
02:13 pm: i've got shit to do and an appointment on tuesday...
11:54 pm: "That was just the cutest phone message I have ever heard. You actually spoke in the third person."

11:29 pm: (no subject)

12:04 am: I spend so much time on livejournal that i should be spending being productive. - 6 comments
12:16 am: (no subject)
12:45 am: because Sharon rocks my world...

01:14 am: almost too blah to update
01:21 am: (no subject)

02:55 pm: Squee! for the cold front
07:01 pm: At Alumnae Tea today, Sharon Bowers said, “Do something brave everyday.”

02:19 am: This is me trying to be social and cultured.
10:43 am: Wow, an earthquake, here - 2 comments

08:30 pm: yeah, that updating thing

12:23 am: I like split infinitives.
12:35 am: (no subject)
05:40 pm: (no subject)
05:53 pm: (no subject)

01:19 am: somebody give me a hug - 2 comments
11:29 am: (no subject) - 4 comments
02:20 pm: (no subject)
03:33 pm: (no subject) - 2 comments

10:41 am: Senior Banquet

03:35 pm: (no subject)
03:37 pm: (no subject)
04:20 pm: (no subject)
09:27 pm: Listening to this Catie Curtis album helped calm me for much of the day on Wednesday.
11:30 pm: I have been wondering recently if i would feel better if i had a good cry... - 3 comments
11:35 pm: (no subject)

11:37 am: (no subject)
11:42 am: (no subject)
02:07 pm: My mother says i should "find oases of grace and quiet."

11:48 am: There were purple M&Ms in my bag. - 1 comment
11:53 am: (no subject)
07:05 pm: "She's been everybody else's girl maybe one day she'll be her own" - 9 comments