April 4th, 2002

you think you know...

o happy day

The lovely Allison got me a livejournal on Monday, so now i’m finally posting. (Results of online quiz binges will still be here.)

My parents sent me an Easter basket - yay for wonderful parental units! And my mom’s so cool; she always sends me neat clippings. This time a Boston Magazine article on creative writing at MIT, which was very interesting, and an article in O about the difficulties of intimacy by Amy Bloom (whom my mom knows i love). And an advertising clipping -- “Not all the good ones are gay or taken. Some are both.” and then in smaller lettering: “You are as committed as any two people could be. Now that you’ve found each other, celebrate your partnership with a dazzling symbol from Shreve’s Commitment Ring Collection. Whether it be a commitment ceremony or other significant occasion, Shreve’s has a style perfect for your exchange of rings.” Yes, i know it’s what one should expect (advertisers want to have everyone buy their stuff) but it still makes me happy to see non-heterosexual relationships recognized as being totally on par with heterosexual relationships.

After reading the stuff my mom sent, i had 2 simultaneous thoughts. One, the two people i’m in most regular contact with from high school are non-heterosexual guys, and two, Yumi’s article in external text 6. It’s called “queer kids and kinship” and in it she talks about how most of the people she was friends with in high school have since come out. Of course the three people i consider my really good friends from college (Yes, this includes you, Sharon, even though you don’t go to my college.) are heterosexual, but i just thought it was interesting.

“For the past few years I have just considered myself queer. To me, queer merely means I don’t fit into the dominant heterosexual paradigm. It means I can be attracted to girls, boys, both, or no one. It’s a large, fluid category that goes beyond hetero/homo/bi/asexual.”
-from “The Mixed-Race Queer Girl Manifesto” by Lauren Martin in Quantify #1

In my English Language class we’re currently discussing the actual production of books, and our handouts on printing included something irrelevant just because my professor loves it -- the passage from the so-called “Wicked Bible” (printed in 1631 by Robert Barker). Exodus 20:14 (the 7th of the 10 Commandments) reads “Though shalt commit adultery.” I had just finished reading Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett yesterday. In it, “Aziraphale (An angel, and part-time rare book dealer)” has “a complete set of the Infamous Bibles, individually named from errors in typesetting.” When i first read it i thought it was made up, though i wondered if perhaps there was some truth to it since i got the feeling that these writers were very factually accurate. I recognized the Wicked Bible as being one of the ones mentioned. I told this to Doug and highly recommended the book, so he’s going to borrow my copy. Huzzah for the sharing of the good.

I did a little online research tonight and actually found two essentially identically websites (1 & 2) which explain the hundreds of references contained in the book -- many more references than i had known there were (though i got a few, and being not British my ignorance of most is quite excusable). Turns out actually all the “Infamous Bibles” (except the “Charing Cross Bible” and the “Buggre Alle This Bible”) are real. This makes me very happy.

And of course, a belated room draw post. I didn’t have a roommate picked, so i was feeling very “just give me a room, preferably on the 2nd floor, and a roommate i can mesh okay with; i don’t care.” But then i picked the second lowest (read: second-best) number in my class. So i have a single next year. Wow. It’ll be a bit weird since it’s one of the smaller singles and i’m currently in one of the larger doubles, but i don’t really care. I don’t need a whole lot of space.

And it seems like lots of other people are having good days, too, so yay for that.
you think you know...


1) the LOTR movie

I want to be a purist brat and insist on reading the trilogy before seeing the movie. A friend of a friend who loves both books and movies told me that she thought seeing the movie wouldn’t ruin the book for me, would actually make the books easier to read. She said this is the best movie adaptation of a book she has ever seen and this is a movie one must see on the big screen. I have heard Tolkein can be very dry and difficult. I still am such a purist brat, though. I am conflicted.

2) advisors

My English Language professor is Doug Patey. He is amazing. I knew i was gonna be an English major, have just been putting off declaring until i have someone to be my advisor. I want him to be my advisor. He is going on sabbatical next year. I have to have an advisor second semester next year (before i register for the classes i will take the fall of my junior year). He said i could have someone else act as my advisor for that semester and then he would be my advisor when he got back. I don’t want to ask someone to be my advisor knowing it’ll be just for one semester, though. It’s not like i’m gonna want anything from him except registration codes next year anyway. I promise i won’t bother the nice man on sabbatical. I am conflicted.